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The Trujillo Company LIVE!

On today’s Fiesta Friday, powered by Victoria Cerveza, Colorado rock band The Trujillo Company is LIVE in the studio!

A lot of people will be traveling for the holidays, which means airports are bound to be a nightmare. But let’s face it, some airports are much more of a nightmare experience than others.

If you JUST started dating someone, are you supposed to get them a Christmas present? We can’t give you the answer, but here’s what other people say they’d do, according to a Tom Rose new survey.

There’s a 57-year-old guy named Barry Poyner from Kirksville, Missouri, and he’s a communications professor at Truman State University and one of the three elders for the local Church of Christ. Barry would apparently go on Grindr . . . meet young men, some of whom were students at his college . . . and offer to give them things for sexual favors including gas money and ARBY’S GIFT CARDS.

A Chinese man told doctors that a glass bottle lodged in his rectum accidentally wound up there due to an itchy backside.