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Tom’s Tinder Profile Update with Single In The Springs

In today’s episode, our friends from help Tom Rose improve his online dating profile! Catch them on the show at the 34:25 minute mark of today’s podcast.

If there’s one sauce McDonald’s fans can’t seem to get enough of, it’s the Szechuan Sauce. As we previously told you, the condiment first came out as a promo with the movie “Mulan” way back in 1998 and fans of the show “Rick and Morty” were thrilled when Mickey D’s brought it back in 2017. But the demand was high and the supply was low, so people were desperate to get their hands on some, even paying more than $15-thousand for the sauce on eBay.

Well now Szechuan Sauce lovers have the chance to get some again, but they’ll have to head to New Zealand to try. McDonald’s locations there are selling 200-thousand packets of it and that’s the only place in the world where it’s available. McDonald’s New Zealand Managing Director David Howse explains, “We wanted to give Kiwis the chance to try one of the rarest sauces in the world.”

Meanwhile back in here ‘Merica

Have you always wanted to wake up to the smell of chicken wings? Well, now’s your chance. In honor of March Madness, Buffalo Wild Wings is offering customers a chance to live inside one of their Chicago restaurants.

Sports fans are bound to “live” inside the restaurant anyway during March Madness, so why not be able to stay overnight for the first two days? All you have to do is enter to win their new “BnB-Dubs” contest by sharing a video on Instagram or Twitter about why you’re “the ultimate March Madness fan.”

The winners will be announced on Selection Sunday, March 15th – and you can bring a guest, too. The room will be decked out with two sets of bunk beds, flat-screen TVs and custom robes and slippers. 

Millennials and Gen Z’ers are feeling “hashtag blessed” today . . . at least the ones who love alcoholic seltzer water. Because White Claw just released THREE new flavors. The new flavors are lemon . . . watermelon . . . and tangerine. They hit stores yesterday. So they now have eight flavors total.

The five they already had are black cherry, mango, grapefruit, lime, and raspberry. And they also have one non-flavored version called “Pure” that’s supposed to taste like a vodka soda.

Meanwhile, Starbucks announced it’s suspending its bring-your-own-cup program. That’s the one that gives you 10 cents off if you show up with a cup that’s reusable. They’re worried people with the virus might get other people sick, including their employees. So if you show up with a reusable mug, they won’t fill it. But you will still get the 10-cent discount.

It’s not clear how long they’re suspending it, but they say they’re optimistic it will be a temporary situation.

Brands have to be hypersensitive now to make sure they don’t accidentally offend people. So it must be extra frustrating when something like this happens . . .

Puma has been selling a line of sneakers called “Storm Adrenaline.” And now they’re all over social media . . . because people think they look like HITLER. (???) If you look at them from the top down, there’s some trim around the toe that resembles his hair . . . and some trim around the laces that looks like his mustache in versions where the trim is black.

It’s the kind of thing you’d never notice. But once you see it . . . it DOES kind of look like Hitler.

Puma’s been selling them for a while, so a lot of people already own a pair. And it’s probably just an unfortunate coincidence.

But some people think it was intentional . . . and the name “Storm Adrenaline” is a nod to the Nazi Storm Troopers from World War Two.