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The Taint Band-Aid

A friend of Jason’s just posted a story about how he handled a situation when he found out a woman he’d been dating was just using him for free meals.

A Florida woman is facing a battery charge after flinging a bucket of human feces on her landlord and trying to cover it up. Joanne Mercader first claimed that it was in fact her landlord who did the poop slinging, saying, “my landlord just broke into my house and assaulted me.”

Be very careful about who you criticize on social media. A Canadian man says he was fired from a job he held for six years because he complained on Twitter about receiving a $6 bottle of barbecue sauce as a holiday gift.

A company called Morari just unveiled a new product that, apparently, people are calling a “taint Band-Aid.” Because it’s a little bandage that you put in that very, very private area when you’re getting-it-on . . . and, supposedly, it helps prevent premature evacuation.