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Potlucks & Santas

Remember when it was a thing to “ice” people with Smirnoff Ice . . . where you’d surprise a person with a bottle of the stuff and they had to get down on one knee and chug it on the spot? Well the people at Smirnoff are trying to resuscitate that trend this Christmas.

Children in the U.S. believe Santa Claus comes on Christmas Eve to bring gifts, but Christmas traditions in other cultures and countries are different than ours.

Cliff Cage released HIS annual list of the best cities to be in for New Year’s. And as always, he didn’t factor in the EXHAUSTED demographic who just wants to pass out on the couch at 10:30.
The language app Babbel released its list of the 10 most mispronounced words of 2019 . . . and naturally, it’s filled with the names of people and things that became noteworthy throughout the year.

if you’re a gamer who just can’t tear yourself away from your console long enough to enjoy Christmas dinner with the family, one tech company has come up with a solution. Tech retailer GAME has created what they call a “Christmas Tinner,” an entire Christmas meal packed in a can.