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The 100th Episode

It’s episode 100 of The Jason and Benny Show, and to celebrate we have David and Eric from Guinness LIVE in the studio for a tasting of their new Stock Ale aged in Bulleit Bourbon Barrels. Catch their interview at the 31:30 mark of today’s podcast!

Here are some more coronavirus stories making headlines . . .

The Dow Jones had its worst day since the 1987 “Black Monday” crash, falling 10% and 2,352 points. It’s the fifth-biggest one-day percentage drop in history, and the largest point drop ever.

A new study found the average person who gets COVID-19 is contagious for 20 days. But one patient they looked at was contagious for 37 days.

A biotech company in Rochester, New York thinks one of its cancer drugs might be an effective treatment. They claim tests show it can slow down the cell-to-cell spread in people with the virus, and it could be a stop-gap treatment until there’s a vaccine.

People are calling on internet providers to suspend caps on how much data people can use, because so many Americans are working from home right now.

The World Health Organization says there’s no evidence dogs are spreading it, and they don’t have to be quarantined. So everyone’s joking that “WHO let the dogs out.”

KFC launched a new “finger-lickin’ good” ad in the U.K. two weeks ago that featured people licking their fingers in public. They’ve now pulled the ad.

Chipotle is offering free delivery for the rest of the month. And your food comes in new “tamper-evident packaging,” so you’ll know if anyone opened it. Also, all CVS locations are now doing free prescription deliveries.

Ben & Jerry’s canceled its annual Free Cone Day. But apparently Dairy Queen’s is still on next Thursday. (Last we heard, they hadn’t canceled it.)

Pornhub is offering free premium memberships to everyone in Italy . . . so they have something to do while they’re on lockdown.

Well, guess what: The coronavirus has made it so that there are no pro sports . . . FOR THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE.

  1. The NHL: Yesterday morning, the NHL suspended its season immediately . . . saying that the “goal” is to resume play as soon as it’s “appropriate and prudent.”
  2. Major League Baseball: Opening Day was originally scheduled for March 26th, but that isn’t happening. For now, MLB has pushed back the start of the season “at least two weeks,” but it could be extended further.
  3. The NCAA: This week, the NCAA announced that its annual March Madness tournament would continue without fans. But now, there won’t be players either. The NCAA has canceled championships in every spring sport, which includes hockey, baseball, and lacrosse . . . again, that’s CANCELED, not postponed. The NCAA men’s basketball tournament had been played every year since 1939.
  4. The NBA: They were the first to suspend action on Wednesday. Yesterday, team owners pushed for the league to reevaluate the situation in 30 days . . . but it’s way too early to say WHEN or IF the season will resume.
  5. The NFL: Obviously, football is a long way off, but the NFL is a year-round business, so there has been some disruption . . . and confusion. The league says they’re not delaying the start of the season . . . for now at least . . . but they have canceled some annual meetings that were scheduled to be held from March 29th through April 1st.
    It’s also unclear how it will affect next month’s draft . . . but combines have been canceled, and teams are restricting the travel of coaches and scouts. There’s also talk of training facilities being closed, and free agency being impacted.
  6. MLS: For now, Major League Soccer has suspended its season for 30 days, effective immediately . . . and the U.S. Soccer Federation has canceled scheduled friendlies due to the coronavirus pandemic.
  7. The XFL. They’re done. In a statement, they said, quote, “All players will be paid their base pay and benefits . . . all ticket holders will be issued refunds . . . [and] the XFL is committed to playing a full season in 2021 and future years.”
  8. Golf: The PGA Tour was planning on staging events without spectators in the coming weeks, but late last night, they canceled the Players’ Championship, as well as their next three events.

There are still a FEW leagues that haven’t suspended all events . . .

  1. NASCAR: They are moving ahead with scheduled races at Atlanta and Homestead, but no fans will be permitted to attend.
  2. UFC: Supposedly, they’ll put on an event on Saturday in Brazil in an empty arena. UFC also has major events scheduled for the next three weekends.
  3. The PBA: The coronavirus can’t stop people from BOWLING. Although, the PBA is restricting spectators to players, families, and officials. (Were there others who’d normally show up to a PBA event??)

Two of the biggest events companies in the world postponed ALL of their major concert tours yesterday because of the coronavirus. AEG and Live Nation are both shutting down their events until at least April. It’s not clear when they’ll be rescheduled, or what they’re doing about refunds yet.

A few of the tours that have now been affected by the virus include Billie Eilish . . . Cher . . . KISS . . . Post Malone . . . The Who . . . Lynyrd Skynyrd . . . Michael Bublé . . . Miley Cyrus . . . Pearl Jam . . . Green Day . . . Tool . . . Jason Aldean . . . Zac Brown Band . . . and Chris Stapleton.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony set for May 2nd in Cleveland has also been postponed.

Disneyland was exempted from California’s ban on large gatherings yesterday . . . but then they announced they’re closing down anyway. The park will remain open today, but it’ll shut down tomorrow. It won’t reopen until at least next month. And Disney World is closing its doors too.

It’s just the fourth time Disneyland has closed since it opened in 1955. The other three times were: After the September 11th attacks . . . the Northridge quake in 1994 . . . and when President Kennedy was shot in 1963.

They released a statement that said “there have been no reported cases of COVID-19 at Disneyland Resort” . . . but that they think it’s in the “best interest of [their] guests and employees” to shut down for now.

Universal Studios Hollywood will also be closed starting tomorrow. They’re hoping to reopen on March 28th.

Some other major tourist attractions around the country have also been closed to the public for now. Including the U.S. Capitol, which is closed to tourists until at least April.

New York City postponed its St. Patrick’s Day parade on Wednesday for the first time in its 258-YEAR history. And China even shut down access to MOUNT EVEREST yesterday because of the virus.