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Bridesmaids & Chicken

On today’s episode, we get “Seven Tips For Having Sex in Your Parents’ House” from Cliff Cage.

Surprise, surprise . . . the New England Patriots are being investigated for cheating again. And this time, they allegedly did it to gain an advantage over the 1 and 12 Cincinnati Bengals this coming weekend.

JUICE WRLD may have died from trying to hide drugs from the cops . . . in his STOMACH.

If you’ve ever been to any public event you’ve probably seen how crazy the lines are for the women’s bathroom. You’ve also probably noticed how much faster the men’s line is. Well, that could all change soon.

Popeyes and Uber Eats are teaming up with hip hop group Migos on a special Migos Menu with four Popeyes menu items.

Experts say this may be the last Christmas that Sears will be open. So if you want to get your son pants in a size “husky” . . . you better do it soon.

A professional bridesmaid has revealed how she caught a groom cheating with six strippers at his stag do.

Jason and Benny crushed it at the Ultimate Buffet and decided to get a pic with their Wall of Shame.

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