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Baby Yoda Is A Sell Out

Baby Yoda seems to be the toy people just can’t get enough of…or their hands on. The new animatronic doll sold out on Amazon and at other retailers within 24 hours of pre-ordering. It can move its head, hands, giggle, babble and make dozens of other noises. Baby Yoda became the breakout star of Disney’s “The Mandolorian” in November. The second season is due out in October, around the same time the 60-dollar toy will be released.

February 24th is National Tortilla Chip Day! Hooray for National Tortilla Chip Day! Rebecca Webb Carranza invented tortilla chips in the 1950s. Carranza and her husband owned the El Zarape Tortilla Factory in Los Angeles and were among the first to automate the production of tortillas.

According to a new study, DRINKING BEER can almost DOUBLE a man’s chances of living until at least age 90. And it increases women’s chances by about one-third.

A company in Japan is taking preorders for MAYO SLICES. You can buy a package of four slices of mayo that look just like slices of cheese . . . only, you know, they’re mayo.

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Today, I was not tased by @corey_feldman

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A Science Channel daredevil and “Flat Earth” proponent has died while trying to launch a homemade rocket. Mike Hughes, better known as “Mad Mike,” was part of an upcoming Science Channel series called “Homemade Astronauts.” Authorities say he died Saturday in a fatal rocket crash near Barstow, California. In a statement, the Science Channel says it was Hughes’ dream to do this launch – he was trying to launch himself five-thousand feet in the air. Hughes was 64.

A 32-year-old woman named Lizzette Vela-Loechle is the manager of a bar called Chiquititas Lounge in Norcross, Georgia. And on Valentine’s Day, she held a special contest at the bar . . . a LIVE SEX CONTEST. She put a bed on the dance floor and promised $500 to the couple that demonstrated the best sex act. Some did it with their clothes on . . . others took their clothes off and REALLY demonstrated the sex acts.

Not really sure why someone who could afford to buy a Maserati, can’t afford the very best drugs society has to offer but cops in Iowa City, Iowa pulled over a 2014 Maserati and found that the person driving the car had a license status of “barred.” They also found hundreds of Whip-It canisters all over the backseat of the car. Ziyuan Zhong had admitted to officers that she inhaled at least 50-75 of these nitrous oxide canisters that day, which would explain the slurred speech and lack of stability while standing. She was arrested on multiple charges, including driving under the influence and possession of nitrous oxide

Burger King is hoping to change the image of its signature Whopper and they’re using a revolting new ad campaign featuring a moldy burger to do it. The fast food chain’s ad is to highlight them removing artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors from the Whopper. It shows a burger covered in mold to show it “can be a beautiful thing.”

There are all kinds of crazy things on the Internet and one of the latest shocking finds is a video of a woman bathing in Hot Cheetos. Twitter user @sp00kynugget posted the clip with the caption, “Omg so needed after this stressful day” that shows her legs in a bathtub that’s filled with water and Hot Cheetos. LOTS of Hot Cheetos, so many you can’t even see the water.