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Single in The Springs

Well, it’s Valentine’s Day. And if you don’t have dinner reservations or a gift for your other half yet, it’s not looking good. So to save you, here are five things you can buy TODAY, and not look like you totally blew it.

We also talk to Meagan Thomas from! Single in the Springs is a podcast by Meagan Thomas and Madeline Hoeppner about relationships, dating, and single life in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Both women have been on their fair share of bad dates, not to mention their own mess-ups. While dating can be both fun and a nightmare, we’re not in it alone. You’ll hear stories ranging from funny tales of men with strange butt tattoos to more serious discussion of what to do when you have a gut feeling things aren’t OK. Whether you’re with your person, looking for Mr.Right, or just need a reason to laugh, they’ve got you.

It’s Girl Scout cookie time again and the most excited scout around may be Ronnie Backenstoe, who first started selling cookies back in 1932. She joined the Girl Scouts when she was 10 and now at 98, she’s still thrilled to be a part of it.

It’s Valentine’s Day and perhaps you got a card. But we’re betting that it isn’t similar to anything on today’s list of The 10 Top Rejected Valentine’s Day Cards.