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2 Hour Delay

In today’s episode, Tommy G from Bands in The Backyard joins us to tell us about the latest addition to the lineup! Check out the interview at the 33-minute mark, and be sure to get your early bird tickets at

Brace yourself fans of Diet Coke, your beloved beverage may be harder to come by soon. Coca-Cola says coronavirus has disrupted its supply chain and artificial sweeteners from China may be in shorter supply.

Humans aren’t the only creatures who talk when they have sex. Coconut crabs do, too.

Dunkin’ knows that pretty much everyone loves bacon, so they’re adding a new menu item that’s all bacon. That’s literally it, it’s a pouch of straight up bacon and they call it Snackin’ Bacon.

An Impossible Burger doesn’t have meat in it, which technically makes it fine for devout Catholics to eat on Fridays during Lent. But some folks aren’t so sure that they’d be honoring the true spirit of the season by scarfing down imitation beef.

An instant case of karma took place in Newburgh, New York after 28-year-old Kyrell Saunders allegedly stole a candy bar from a Mobil gas station. After leaving the gas station he reportedly ran out of the station and right in front of a semi-truck that was traveling down the road. The semi hit and killed him

How long will you pretend to be interested in a conversation that you find PAINFULLY boring?

According to a new survey, we’ll check out within THREE MINUTES when we’re bored . . . and we’ll start randomly nodding our heads and saying “Hmm” to make the other person think we’re listening.

So what topics are the most likely to make us tune out?

The top 10 are: Golf . . . celebrity gossip . . . veganism . . . football . . . fashion trends . . . beauty trends . . . the stock market . . . online dating . . . cars . . . and hair styles.

And a few that just missed the top 10 are: Someone else’s wedding . . . mortgages . . . someone else’s vacation . . . someone else’s pets . . . traffic . . . climate change . . . and someone else’s hopes and dreams.

There’s a company called Shreddies that makes, quote, “flatulence filtering underwear.” They use a carbon lining to make other products too, like jeans and pajamas, and it absorbs the smell of your gas and keeps it from stinking up a room.

But what happens if you want to wear some OTHER underwear or pants but you still want to keep your flatulence from causing a scene?

Well, they just released a new product called the Carbonana. That’s a mix of the words “carbon” and “banana” . . . and it’s pretty fitting.