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Benny Joins The Illuminati

On today’s show, Benny reveals that he’s been asked to join The Illuminati via some DM’s on Instagram. Jason is skeptical, and Benny is worried that they might do a credit check.

Of all people, Senator TED CRUZ could become the first famous person to be diagnosed with the coronavirus . . . and he’s taken the responsible step of self-social quarantine to make sure that he doesn’t infect anyone else.

Ted interacted with a person at the Conservative Political Action Conference a couple of weeks ago who has since tested positive for coronavirus. He said they had a chat, and then shook hands.

This happened roughly 10 days ago, and the incubation period for Covid-19 is believed to be up to two weeks.

So, Ted is going to go home to Texas and chill out for a week or so. Thankfully, he is NOT experiencing symptoms yet, and medical officials have told him that the odds are “extremely low” that the person passed it to him.

Apparently people are more serious than we thought about refrigerating their condiments. Like, way more serious.

Last week, a British website called “Which?” . . . that’s kind of like our “Consumer Reports” . . . asked experts which condiments you should store in the fridge, and which ones you should keep in the cupboard.

And people on Twitter were SHOCKED by the experts saying that ketchup should NOT go in the fridge. Now a big debate has broken out.

If you paid me this kind of money to do nothing, I would KEEP doing nothing. STEVE PERRY hasn’t been the lead singer of JOURNEY for 23 years. But it turns out he still makes a ton of money when they go on tour.

The current members of Journey have been wrapped up in a lawsuit. And it’s brought out some details about the deal Steve made when he left in 1997.

  1. There have now been 21 deaths in the U.S. from COVID-19 with more than 550 confirmed cases. And the country’s strategy has now moved from attempting to contain the coronavirus to admitting that’s not possible . . . and attempting to mitigate it.
  2. Americans are REALLY starting to get worried, too. Now 56% of Americans think we need to increase spending to prevent and fight the virus . . . and 47% of us are either “very” or “somewhat” worried.
  3. And not to make YOU panic . . . but leaked documents from the American Hospital Association show hospitals are preparing for up to 96 million Americans getting infected, 4.8 million needing hospitalization, and 480,000 deaths.
  4. The Grand Princess cruise ship passengers will dock in Oakland, California today and be allowed to disembark. 21 people onboard have tested positive for coronavirus, and apparently there’s a plan to send them to hospitals, while other passengers will be put in quarantine.
  5. Costco is suspending its free samples indefinitely over coronavirus.
  6. While coronavirus is definitely causing a big hit to tourism, so far it’s not affecting people going to Disney World in Florida.
  7. Global demand for oil just experienced the most sudden and dramatic drop in HISTORY because of coronavirus. It’s mainly a result of all the canceled shipments and travel in China.
  8. A guy in Japan apparently went bar hopping last week after he found out he had coronavirus . . . because he wanted to spread it.
  9. A family in Australia accidentally ordered 48 boxes of toilet paper instead of 48 rolls when they were trying to stock up . . . so now they have 2,304 rolls.
  10. And two women in Australia were arrested after they brawled over toilet paper at a grocery store.