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Peppermint Patty Day! Henry C. Kessler and his York Cone Company, which was based in Pennsylvania, originally produced ice cream cones, and they’re responsible for the delicious invention the York Peppermint Pattie in 1940.

“Nails on a chalkboard” is the classic sound everyone hates. But when’s the last time you even SAW a chalkboard? Yester we asked people here at iHeartRadio to name more common sounds that make them cringe.

ADAM SANDLER missed out on his first Oscar nomination for “Uncut Gems”, and maybe that’s because it isn’t even his best movie. There’s a new list of his 10 best, and “Uncut Gems” is just third. Here it is:

  1. “Wedding Singer”, 1998
  2. “Happy Gilmore”, 1996
  3. “Uncut Gems”, 2019
  4. “Billy Madison”, 1995
  5. “50 First Dates”, 2004
  6. “Punch-Drunk Love”, 2002
  7. “Big Daddy”, 1999
  8. “The Waterboy”, 1998
  9. “The Meyerowitz Stories”, 2017
  10. “Airheads”, 1994

She works hard for the money. That is certainly true of one Dallas stripper who fell 20 feet while working a stripper pole and ended up plunging 20 feet to the floor while working at the XTC Cabaret Club in Dallas. She suffered a broken jaw, but the true pro she is got up and kept twerking.

There’s an 82-year-old guy named Ian Trainer in Liverpool, England. He doesn’t hear so well, so when he listens to his classical music, he BLASTS it.

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