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R.I.P. Spartacus

There’s a 55-year-old guy named Bruce McConville in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. And he’s been in a long court battle over paying spousal and child support to his ex-wife.

Well, he was in court recently and told a judge he’d sold some properties and businesses for around $1 million. (About 750,000 in U.S. dollars.) Then he withdrew that in cash . . . and set the money ON FIRE to keep it away from his ex-wife.

And his kids, I guess. This guy is no hero. The judge pointed that out, asking, quote, “How does destroying over a million dollars advance your child’s best interest?” But Bruce says he did it out of frustration with the divorce.

Oh, by the way, Bruce said he didn’t take a video of the cash on fire, he didn’t have any witnesses, and he doesn’t really have any proof.

The judge told him, quote, “You understand that’s hard to believe” . . . and sentenced him to 30 days in jail to, quote, “rethink” what happened to the money. He also fined him $2,000-a-day to go to his ex-wife.

If you promised to cook a romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day and you’re already frantically searching for how to make a red wine glaze, here’s your lifeline.

Just order a pizza.

According to a new survey, 20% of people say they secretly wish their partner would just get pizza for Valentine’s dinner. So you’ve got about a one in five shot that your partner will actually be MORE excited about that than anything fancy.

Some of the other non-traditional foods people secretly wish they could have on Valentine’s Day are: A meal that’s all desserts . . . fried chicken . . . barbeque . . . and tacos.

Also, 26% of people say they really want to wear SWEATPANTS to their dinner at home on Valentine’s Day.

That being said, not EVERYONE wants sweatpants and Domino’s. 17% say they expect a dinner that takes a lot of effort . . . and 8% expect a dinner that costs a lot of money.

Meanwhile in Forever Alone News

There’s a new pop-up restaurant in London for Valentine’s Day that’s specifically for single people. And if you book a table, they’ll seat you in front of a MIRROR as a way of promoting “self-love.”

The restaurant is called “Two4One.” They say the point of the mirror is to spend Valentine’s Day, quote, “falling in love with yourself.”

There’s a twist though. After watching yourself eat alone, they’ll remove the mirror . . . and reveal another person who’s been sitting across from you the whole time. (???)

It’s not clear if it’s supposed to be a matchmaking thing or just a weird social experiment. But you eat dessert with them, and then have the option of splitting the bill.

Tickets cost about $25, and all the money they make goes to charity.

Some criminals will slowly steal money from work over the course of months or years . . . like slipping a few dollars in their pocket instead of the cash register. Not this guy. He was ALL shock-and-awe.

A guy was hired at a gas station in Hamden, New Jersey last month. And on his first shift, he stole $17,183 worth of stuff. That included lottery tickets, 89 cartons of cigarettes, and cash.

Then he disappeared.

The cops have released a picture of him from the gas station’s surveillance cameras to try to get help in identifying him. They don’t know his name his name, because he also stole his employment folder.

Meanwhile across the river…..A convenience store in New York is blowing up on TikTok for a weird reason. They’re trying to bolster America’s MATH skills . . .

The owner’s son is 20-year-old Ahmed Alwan. He’s been posting videos where he asks customers simple math questions. And if they answer right, they win a mini shopping spree . . . and have FIVE SECONDS to grab as much stuff as they can.

A few of the videos seem staged, because he lets people take CASH from the drawer. And one guy tries to run off with a ton of lottery tickets. But apparently the other videos are legit.

The questions aren’t usually hard. For example, he asked one woman, “What’s 7 times 7, plus 10?”

She got it right. And in five seconds, she ended up with a box of Cheese Nips, a bunch of chips, some pastries, three bananas, and a newspaper.

A local news station did a story on it, and Ahmed said he started doing it as a fun way to help out people in his community. But he also hopes kids see the videos, and it inspires them to learn.


Whats 7 times 6 plus 2

Legendary actor KIRK DOUGLAS passed away yesterday, at the age of 103. There’s no word on a cause of death . . . but let’s just say it was natural causes. (Seriously, what an incredible run.)

Kirk grew up poor, the son of immigrants. He served in the Navy in World War 2, and then became one of the biggest Hollywood stars in the ’50 and ’60s.

His career highlights include: “Ace in the Hole” in 1950, “Gunfight at the O.K. Corral” in 1957, “Paths of Glory” in 1957, “Spartacus” in 1960, “Lonely Are the Brave” in 1962, “Seven Days in May” in 1964, and “The Man from Snowy River” in 1982.

He was nominated for the Best Actor Oscar three times . . . for “Champion” in 1949, “The Bad and the Beautiful” in 1951, and “Lust for Life” in 1956. He didn’t win those . . . but the Academy awarded him an honorary Oscar in 1996.

Kirk almost didn’t make it this long. He nearly died in a helicopter crash in 1991 . . . and then he suffered a stroke in 1996 that left him unable to speak. He was later able to teach himself to speak again, and he even became a big deal on MySpace.

Kirk was survived by his second wife, Anne, who herself is 100 years old.

Of course, he was also the father of MICHAEL DOUGLAS, who said, quote, “To the world he was a legend, but to me and my brothers he was simply Dad . . .

The Kansas City Chiefs paraded down the streets of Kans . . . er, I mean, MISSOURI . . . yesterday, and the party was LIT.

It included PATRICK MAHOMES catching a beer and chugging it . . . and pouring another one into the mouth of tight end TRAVIS KELCE. Kelce also got to rock a championship belt given to the team by the WWE.

And then there was the guy who fell out of the tree with his butt exposed . . . and lest we forget, the police chase.

The crowd was estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands, but it was definitely less than the 800,000 that showed up when the Royals won the World Series in 2015.

But it was more than the FIVE FANS who showed up to the airport to greet the San Francisco 49ers when they got off their plane on Monday. So there’s that.

It’s the biggest time of the year for chocolate-covered strawberries . . . people search for them 678% more this week than any other time of the year.

But are they actually ROMANTIC . . . or are they more of a good idea in theory but not that great when you actually eat them?

According to a new survey, 33% of people say they’re definitely overrated. So, yeah, before you buy chocolate-covered strawberries, make sure your significant other is part of the two-thirds of people who actually like them.

In more make me think about my diabeetus news this morning.

I know we’re still more than a week out from Valentine’s Day, but it’s time to start thinking about St. Patrick’s Day. And more specifically: McDonald’s Shamrock Shake.

This year is the 50TH ANNIVERSARY of the Shamrock Shake. And it returns to stores on the 19th of this month . . . which is less than two weeks from now.

And there’s a bonus this year. McDonald’s is also going to be selling an Oreo Shamrock McFlurry this year, made with mint ice cream and Oreo cookies.

If you want to get paid more money, maybe the key isn’t working harder or helping the company . . . it’s taking voice lessons.

According to a new study out of the University of Chicago, people with very strong ACCENTS earn about 20% less per year than other people.

The researchers say, quote, “You hear people joke about this stuff. [But] clearly there are cases where it’s not so funny. 20% is a lot of money.”

A 20% difference would be like one person without an accent making $50,000, while someone with an accent would make $40,000 for the same job.

So WHY does it happen? The researchers think it’s because people will make a snap judgment about someone with an accent . . . and make assumptions about their background, their skills, or their intelligence.

On the bright side for this guy, his car was NOT stolen. On the down side . . . this outcome was probably worse.

A 74-year-old guy in Jersey City, New Jersey crashed his 1997 Pontiac Bonneville outside of a home earlier this week. And he crashed because . . . somehow he forgot to take “The Club” off his steering wheel, which made it impossible to turn.

Now, as for whether you really need to use The Club to secure a 23-year-old Pontiac Bonneville from thieves . . . well, let’s not kick this guy while he’s down.

He wound up with some injuries on his face and had to go to the hospital.

The “Big Lebowski” spin-off “The Jesus Rolls” hits theaters on February 28th, and according to some just released images, it features Susan Sarandon having a mature threesome with Bobby Cannavale and John Turturro, a.k.a. “The Jesus.”

For the record, Susan is 73, Turturro is 62, and Bobby is 49. It’s unclear exactly how the scene fits into the plot.

Turturro wrote and directed “The Jesus Rolls” . . . and in addition to the “Big Lebowski” connection, it’s also remake of the 1974 French movie “Going Places”.

In more Hollyweird news this morning….There’s this little thing called the “Oscars” happening on Sunday. You may have heard of it. Well, polled its users to determine who THEY think is going to win. Here are the results:

Best Picture: “Parasite” (20%) . . . Followed by “1917” (19%), and “Joker” (15%).

Best Actor: Joaquin Phoenix, “Joker” (55%) . . . Followed by Adam Driver for “Marriage Story” (20%), and Leonardo DiCaprio for “Once Upon a Time . . .” (14%).

Best Actress: Saoirse Ronan, “Little Women” (31%) . . . Followed by Scarlett Johansson for “Marriage Story” (26%), and Renee Zellweger for “Judy” (19%).

Best Supporting Actor: Brad Pitt, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” (41%) . . . Followed by Tom Hanks for “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” (40%), and Joe Pesci for “The Irishman” (9%).

Best Supporting Actress: Florence Pugh, “Little Women” (28%) . . . Followed by Scarlett Johansson for “Jojo Rabbit” (24%), and Laura Dern for “Marriage Story” (22%).

San Francisco might not be the most affordable place to live nowadays. The housing boom in the city has caused the median price of a home to skyrocket. The average home in the city will run you around $1.3 million dollars.

If you’re shopping for a bargain, you won’t find many. In fact, the cheapest piece of real estate for sale in the city right now is going for $100,000. That’s the cost of a really cool parking spot in a garage near the Oracle Arena.

Parking spot No. 140, is located in a luxury condominium complex at 88 Townsend and it also has a one-bedroom condo available with it for just $849,000. However, the parking spot can be sold separately.

And if Rice a Roni isn’t your favorit treat, then look nmo futher than a new British website that is offering a dream job for a candidate who aspires to travel the English coast while photographing and writing about the most scenic beach huts., a rental and sales website, said the chosen “Hut Hunter” will take an all-expenses-paid tour of the English coastline from Norfolk to Cornwall to check out the huts offered.

The Hut Hunter will be required to photograph and write about the beach huts in each location.

“This is a fun opportunity for anybody who fancies a tour around our beautiful coastline, armed with a campervan, camera and pen and paper,” CEO Charlie Ramsay told Stylist. “Forget the 9-5 job and get sandy.”

Interested applicants are instructed to email before Feb. 29.

In case you missed it, we haven’t had those classic, chalky conversation hearts that used to be made by Necco for the last couple Valentine’s Days. Now Spangler makes those Sweetheart candies, but because of technical difficulties, they’re not all going to have sayings printed on them.

The good news for fans of the iconic Valentine’s Day treats is that Brach’s has their own version and they’ll have an updated set of phrases.

This year, the candy company will make Heart 2 Heart Tiny Conversation Hearts featuring the messages you know and love, like “Be Mine” and “Luv U,” as well as modern ones, including “Bestie,” “Bae,” and “GOAT” (for Greatest of All Time.) They’re a little different than the Sweetheart hearts, but at least these have phrases on them.

And if chalkly hearts won’t shut up Caleb on Valntines Days then listen o to these workds coming out of my mouth now.

Parents know that celebrating Valentine’s Day when you have kids can be a challenge, but this year, Kraft is here to help. Their newest ad for their brand-new Macaroni & Cheese Big Bowls is all about the struggle that is trying to squeeze in some adult alone time when there are little ones in the house.

The Valentine’s Day-themed commercial shows a mom spending last year’s holiday with her kid in bed next to her snoozing partner, and she says, “But this year, nothing’s getting in the way of a little “horizontal refreshment.” Then she introduces the new Big Bowls of Kraft Mac & Cheese – which only take three-and-a-half minutes to make in the microwave – with the naughty slogan: “Get ‘em fed, get ‘em to bed, and get it on!”

The company is also doing a Kraft is for Lovers sweepstakes, where you can win one of the new Big Bowls, along with “some romantic goodies so you can get things nice and steamy out of the kitchen” this Valentine’s Day. And they say it’s “all in the spirit of getting the kids to bed and setting the mood.”

Forget flowers and jewelry, if you really want to say “I love you” this Valentine’s Day? Do it with food! Some of our favorite chains are offering deals for the holiday and you can still enjoy them if you’re single. Here are some of the best eats and treats for Valentine’s Day this year.

Baskin-Robbins – The ice cream chain has a whole lineup of holiday-themed treats, including sweet and punny Valentine’s Day cakes and the Love Potion #31 ice cream flavor. Call ahead to order and save $3 on orders of $15 or more with the promo code BEMINE**.

California Pizza Kitchen – From February 11-16, CPK will make any of its pizzas into a heart shape for free. They’re also offering a “Sweet Deal for Two” (starting February 12th) that includes one app, two entrées, and a dessert for $35.

Chick-Fil-A – Show your love with a heart-shaped tray of 30 nuggets, 10 Chick-n-Minis or Six Chocolate Chunk cookies.

Denny’s – They’re not offering a meal deal, but they are offering a wedding special. Yep, you can get married at the Denny’s in Las Vegas for the low price of just $99 this year.

Hooters – Their annual Valentine’s Day deal, “Shred Your Ex,” is back again. It encourages diners to get rid of photos of their ex in fun ways, like bury, burn, or shred, and in return they’ll give you 10 free wings when you buy 10.

Krispy Kreme – They’ve got conversation heart doughnuts for Valentine’s Day with the same messages as those chalky candy ones, but they’re Krispy Kremes, so they taste way better.

Olive Garden – You can score a three-course Valentine’s Day Dinner for 2 ToGo for $34.99 that comes with soup or salad, choice of breadstick dipping sauce, a sharable entree, and a dessert. And don’t forget to add a breadstick bouquet for the one you love!

Papa John’s – From February 10th to 16th, you can get a one-topping heart-shaped-pizza for $11 with the code VALENTINE, or a one-topping heart-shaped pizza AND a double chocolate chip brownie for $16 with the code BEMINE.

Red Lobster – Starting February 10th, if you order a half-dozen Cheddar Bay Biscuits online, you can have them put in a heart-shaped box for $1 more.

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse – Their date night deals run from February 7th to 16th and you can choose between a 40-ounce porterhouse for two for $129 or the Celebration Surf and Turf for $50.

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