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Meat Patch

The chicken sandwich war that Popeyes kicked off last year has apparently led to a CHICKEN SHORTAGE.

Chicken sandwich mania began last year when Popeyes started selling TONS of sandwiches. The hype drove Chick-fil-A’s sales up too. Now McDonald’s and Wendy’s are also planning to step up their efforts to sell more chicken sandwiches.

The hottest video game console of 1982 wants to become the hottest hotel chain of 2020. Sure, why not.

Atari just announced they’re launching a new line of HOTELS. And the first one will open in Phoenix sometime later this year.

A scientist believes he has come up with a way for vegans to avoid those darn meat cravings. Charles Spence, a scientist specializing in experimental psychology out of England’s Oxford University, has teamed up with vegan frozen food brand Strong Roots to create a “meat patch” to help those trying to avoid meat cravings.

Between the Coronavirus scare and it being a very bad flu season, the CDC is in the news a lot lately. So it’s a good time to check out Benny’s Top Ten Things You Didn’t Know About the Centers for Disease Control.

The Big Game is almost here — and this year, FanDuel’s letting you get a piece of the action for FREE with their Props Pick Em game.

Big Game Props Pick Em is easy to play and it’s 100% free to enter with no deposit required. Here’s how it works.

FanDuel will give you 15 Big Game props — like who’s going to win the coin toss, what team will be first to score 30 points, and what color will the Gatorade bath be. All you have to do is pick the winners!

If you get 12 out of 15 right, you’ll win 100 dollars. And if you go 15 for 15, you’ll score the 15 thousand dollar grand prize.

When you’re ready to make your free Big Game props picks, just head to FanDuel dot com slash props, or download the free FanDuel app from the ios or Android app stores — One last time, that’s FanDuel dot com slash props


Age and locations restrictions apply. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Payouts paid in non-withdrawable site credit that expires 7 days after receipt. See for terms and conditions.

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