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Valentine’s Day is coming up soon and flowers are lovely and all, but if you’re looking to show your special someone how much you love them, food may be the way to go. We recently told you about a doughnut bouquet you can order from Harry and David, but some creative types are going DIY and making chicken nugget bouquets for their boo.

Wanna try it? The first step is knowing where to get your nugs. Some prefer McDonald’s, while others are loyal to Wendy’s or Chick-fil-A. After you have your nuggets of choice, you’ll need some wooden sticks to spear them on, and then you’ll wrap the whole bunch up in cellophane, because no one wants greasy hands on Valentine’s Day.

Finish the bouquet off with a bow, or toss in some fries as the baby’s breath, you can’t go wrong. Nothing says love like a chicken nugget bouquet.

If binge-watching Netflix could just be reclassified as a “sport,” we’d get these numbers turned around in a hurry . . .

The CDC released a new study that looked at the LAZIEST states in America.

They interviewed thousands of people on the phone over four years, and asked how much of their spare time included any “physical activity” in the past month. And a very popular answer was . . . ZERO.

They asked about “leisure-time physical activity,” which might include hitting the gym . . . taking a walk . . . or even just tossing a football around with your kids. But around 25% of the population said they’d had NO physical activity in the last 30 days.

According to the stats, the laziest state is Mississippi with 33% of people saying they’d had NO physical activity in the last 30 days. The 10 laziest states were all around 30%.

They are: Mississippi . . . Arkansas . . . Kentucky . . . Alabama . . . Louisiana . . . Oklahoma . . . Tennessee . . . West Virginia . . . New Jersey . . . and Georgia.

The LEAST lazy state is Colorado at 17%. Followed by Washington . . . Utah . . . Oregon . . . and Alaska.

It isn’t always easy being the boss, especially in those instances where you have to confront employees about their questionable behavior. And while it’s normal to warn employees about being late, or maybe being careless with their work, some bosses have had to broach some subjects that are far stranger.

Well, now some employers have taken to the anonymous Whisper app to reveal the awkward things they’ve had to remind employees, and some are pretty shocking.

They include:

“I do remodeling. I had to explain to workers not to do drug deals in other people’s homes and to go to the truck if they are gonna fight with their spouse on the phone.”

“That they have to wash their a** and use deodorant. Yes it smelled like they maybe didn’t wipe. WAS BAD.”

“I had to tell my employee that coming to work with no bra on, wearing a low cut shirt and pants split at the crotch was not okay. I sent her home. She didn’t understand why she had to either.”

“I had to tell an employee not to make out with her boyfriend in the break area.”

“I had to tell my employee to stop walking around barefoot in the office. (dress code was business casual.)”

“I had to sit down with one of my servers and reminder her that she can’t show up late…and drunk.”

“Please don’t leave bananas to rot in your drawer. The entire office has bugs now.”

“Had to tell a coworker he couldn’t brush his teeth at the front desk…seemed like something I shouldn’t have to say, but the world is full of gems.”

“Called an employee into a meeting to remind her what was and wasn’t appropriate to discuss at work. She was loudly talking about orgies and participating in them. The entire staff and customers could hear her.”

Online sportsbooks are always offering random Super Bowl “prop bets” on all the nonsense that surrounds the game. One site has already got their lines up, and here are 10 highlights . . .

  1. What color will the liquid be that is poured on the game-winning coach?

“Lime, green, or yellow” is the odds-on favorite at 11-to-4, which is roughly 27%. “Clear / Water” and “Red / Pink” are tied at 3-to-1 (25%), Blue or Orange is 4-to-1 (20%), and Purple is 14-to-1 (7%).

  1. Will announcers Joe Buck or Troy Aikman say “Patriots”?

“No” is the odds-on favorite at 5-to-14, or 74%. That’s a bet I’d take, since this is the first time in three years the Patriots haven’t been in the Super Bowl, and generally speaking, it seems like everyone is ALWAYS talking about the Patriots.

  1. Who will win the Puppy Bowl?

“Team Fluff” has the slight edge on “Team Ruff” with 5-to-7 odds (58%).

  1. Will 98-year-old Betty White be in a Snickers commercial?

“Yes” is more likely at 2-to-5 (71%). They’ll be celebrating the 10th anniversary of their “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” campaign, which first aired during Super Bowl 44 in 2010. Betty was in that one.

“Yes” has a SLIGHT edge at 10-to-13 (57%).

  1. The controversial National Anthem protests seem to be fading out, so now we can move on to the more important debates, like this prop bet: What color will Demi Lovato’s microphone be during the National Anthem?

“Black” is the favorite at 2-to-3, or 60%. Silver or Gray is at 3-to-2, or 40% . . . and “Any other” color is 3-to-1, or 25%.

You can also bet on the color of Demi’s HAIR. “Black” is once again the odds-on favorite at 2-to-5, or 71%. Blonde is a longshot at 3-to-1, or 25% . . . and “Any other” color is slightly above that at 11-to-4, or 27%.

  1. Will any player use a prop during a TD celebration?

“No” is more likely at 1-to-10 (91%). “Yes” is 5-to-1 (17%). It’s unclear if they count the BALL as a prop. They probably don’t, since that would make it far more likely.

  1. Who will show cleavage during the halftime show?

“Both” J-Lo AND Shakira has the best odds at 1-1 (50%). J-Lo ONLY is at 7-to-4, or 36%. Shakira only is at 19-to-10, or 34%. And NEITHER is fairly unlikely, at 4-to-1, or 20%.

  1. Will J-Lo show “butt cleavage”?

The oddsmakers aren’t sold on J-Lo’s plumber’s crack. “No” is the better bet at 1-to-10, or 91%. “Yes” is at 5-to-1, or 17%.

  1. Will there be a wardrobe malfunction?

There’s very little chance of this happening again. They have “No” as a big favorite at 1-to-25, or 96%.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again. We’re not talking about the holidays, it’s Girl Scout Cookie season! These treats are typically sold between January and April, so it’s time to get those orders in so you’ll have boxes of your favorites to feast on. And with all the flavors to choose from, the folks at PopSugar ranked them for us so you’ll know what to order.

Starting with the worst, these are the top 10 Girl Scout Cookie flavors:

10) Toffee-tastic – These are gluten-free and a little crumbly, so they land at the bottom of this list.

9) S’mores – There are two types of S’mores Girl Scout cookies and they’re both a little meh compared to some of the other varieties.

8) Trefoils/Shortbread – Shortbread is great and all, but there are better options here.

7) Caramel Chocolate Chip – These are also gluten-free, so thanks Girl Scouts for being allergy inclusive.

6) Peanut Butter Sandwich/Do-si-dos – The crunchy oatmeal cookies with peanut butter filling inside can get a little dry due to the double cookies, but they’re still tasty.

5) Lemonades – The tangy lemon icing on a shortbread cookie isn’t everyone’s favorite, so they land at number five on the list.

4) Thanks-A-Lot – What’s not to love about these shortbread cookies with fudge on the bottom and “Thank You” embossed in English, French, Chinese, Swahili, or Spanish?

3) Peanut Butter Patties/Tagalongs – The chocolate on these may be a bit waxy, but that peanut butter filling makes up for it.

2) Thin Mints – Dipped in hot chocolate or straight from the freezer, these cookies are amazing.

1) Caramel deLites/Samoas – No matter what you call these coconut, caramel, chocolate cookies, they are the best of the best.

The cops in Bangkok, Thailand are looking for a couple who filmed themselves having sex outside of a tennis court at a college and posted the video on a porn site.

The couple could be looking at around a $150 fine for performing lewd acts in public.

But that’s not why we’re talking about it. No . . . we’re talking about it because of the crime fighting strategy the cops decided to employ.

Even though there’s a clear video of the couple having sex, and censored screenshots are being widely distributed . . . two cops apparently felt like they needed to RE-ENACT what happened to help catch the couple.

So now, there’s a photo going around of two male police officers, fully clothed, awkwardly recreating the couple’s sex position against a tree.

There’s no word if that photo . . . or, you know, the actual video footage . . . has helped the cops get closer to tracking down the couple.

What makes a food American? American food is really a mix of what immigrants brought to this country. But it turns out, there are a lot of foods we think are from other countries that were actually invented in the good old U.S.A. and these are some of the most famous ones.

Fortune cookies – We know them from our favorite Chinese takeout place, but the fortune cookie was actually invented in San Francisco by a Japanese American baker.

Orange chicken – The crunchy, sticky, sour, sweet chicken is a popular Chinese American dish, but it was created in Hawaii in 1987 by Panda Express chef Andy Kao, who was classically trained in French cuisine.

Chimichangas – There’s some debate about their origin, but most historians agree the chimichanga was invented in or around Tucson, Arizona after a kitchen mishap flipped a burrito into a vat of hot oil.

German chocolate cake – This dessert has nothing to do with Germany and owes its name to its inventor, Samuel German, who created the kind of sweet baking chocolate used in the cake.

English muffin – The breakfast staple was actually invented in New York City in 1984 by English immigrant Samuel Bath Thomas and was originally called a “toaster crumpet.”

Cuban sandwich – Legend has it that Cuban immigrants working in factories in Tampa, Florida came up with the combination of meats in this sandwich, called a “mixto” and then later on, someone invented the rectangular bread and called it Cuban, and the famous sandwich was born.

Sushi rolls with rice on the outside – Sushi comes from Japan, but the colorful, creative rolls we know and love in sushi restaurants in the U.S. are an American creation.

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