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Remember The Titans

If you’re sick of seeing TOM BRADY and the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl, good news: They WON’T be there this year.

No matter how big a fan you are of boy bands, if someone calls claiming to be a member of one, you should probably proceed with caution.

A Massachusetts palm reader allegedly convinced a client that her daughter was possessed by a demon and swindled her out of $71,000.

Deputies are searching for a suspect who allegedly broke into a man’s home to suck his toes.

An American model has raised more than NZ$750,000 for the Australian bushfire victims by promising to send nude selfies to those who donate. Kaylen Ward decided to do what she could to help the relief efforts by encouraging followers to donate at least $10 in exchange for an X-rated image of herself.

At CES in Las Vegas on Sunday, the company unveiled the Rollbot, a self-balancing robot that connects to your phone and will deliver a fresh toilet roll directly to your seat if you happen to find yourself on the pan and caught in a bind.

“Papa” John Schnatter is really leaning into his reputation as a pizza-eating machine after having admitted in November that he ate “40 pizzas” in the span of just a month.

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