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Meat Patch

The chicken sandwich war that Popeyes kicked off last year has apparently led to a CHICKEN SHORTAGE.

Chicken sandwich mania began last year when Popeyes started selling TONS of sandwiches. The hype drove Chick-fil-A’s sales up too. Now McDonald’s and Wendy’s are also planning to step up their efforts to sell more chicken sandwiches.

The hottest video game console of 1982 wants to become the hottest hotel chain of 2020. Sure, why not.

Atari just announced they’re launching a new line of HOTELS. And the first one will open in Phoenix sometime later this year.

A scientist believes he has come up with a way for vegans to avoid those darn meat cravings. Charles Spence, a scientist specializing in experimental psychology out of England’s Oxford University, has teamed up with vegan frozen food brand Strong Roots to create a “meat patch” to help those trying to avoid meat cravings.

Between the Coronavirus scare and it being a very bad flu season, the CDC is in the news a lot lately. So it’s a good time to check out Benny’s Top Ten Things You Didn’t Know About the Centers for Disease Control.

The Big Game is almost here — and this year, FanDuel’s letting you get a piece of the action for FREE with their Props Pick Em game.

Big Game Props Pick Em is easy to play and it’s 100% free to enter with no deposit required. Here’s how it works.

FanDuel will give you 15 Big Game props — like who’s going to win the coin toss, what team will be first to score 30 points, and what color will the Gatorade bath be. All you have to do is pick the winners!

If you get 12 out of 15 right, you’ll win 100 dollars. And if you go 15 for 15, you’ll score the 15 thousand dollar grand prize.

When you’re ready to make your free Big Game props picks, just head to FanDuel dot com slash props, or download the free FanDuel app from the ios or Android app stores — One last time, that’s FanDuel dot com slash props


Age and locations restrictions apply. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Payouts paid in non-withdrawable site credit that expires 7 days after receipt. See for terms and conditions.

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Today is National Blueberry Pancake Day! Blueberry pancakes are a wonderful treat to enjoy anytime of the day – they’re nutritious enough to eat for breakfast, tasty enough for a mid-day snack, and easy enough to make for dinner.

It’s also National Kazoo Day! Alabama Vest and Thaddeus Von Clegg invented the kazoo in the 1840s. They presented the new instrument at the 1852 Georgia State Fair and it soon became a staple in the popular music of the era.

Katie Jade Gates, a Florida Woman, was arrested for assaulting her grandmother after being denied extra tomatoes at dinnery. Grandma says Katie got greedy and wanted to eat more than her fair share of the tomatoes at dinner and that’s when things took a turn.

When confronted about her behavior by her grandfather, Gates allegedly grabbed a knife and began threatening him with it. “Motherfker, I’ll stab you in your fking face,” she said, according to a Nassau County Sheriff’s Office report. Gates, witnesses told cops, chased her grandfather with the knife and poked the weapon at his face.


Nancy Goins, 32, would’ve probably just been another Florida Woman arrested for burglarizing a house at 2:30 in the morning, but then she started talking to police after being arrested and dropped such great one liners that she’s now going to go viral.

Deputies say she told them she “works for the Special Victims Unit of the CIA and that Donald Trump is her handler.”

She also claimed that Bill and Hillary Clinton are her parents, as well as the late President John F. Kennedy, who Goins said is still alive, the report states.

If you figured this wasn’t Nancy’s first trouble with the law, you’d be right.

It’s Oscar season and that means you don’t have much time left to cram in all the movies you meant to see in 2019, and plan the perfect awards show viewing party. First up, you’ll need lots of punny foods to celebrate this year’s nominees, like these.

Appetizer: Leonardo DiCapresio Skewers – Start the party with a modern take on the classic duo of tomatoes and mozzarella, named after Leo in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.”

Soup: Gourd Vs. Ferrari – Serve a creamy, savory soup from adorable mini pumpkins as a nod to Matt Damon and Christian Bale’s car movie, “Ford v Ferrari.”

Entree: Slow-cooker Pork Quentin TaranTacos – What better way to honor “Once Upon a Time In Hollywood” director Quentin Tarantino than with some crispy carnitas?

Entree: Chicken Margot Kebbabies – Named for “Bombshell’s” Margot Robbie, simple kebabs can be a crowd pleaser at your awards party.

Side dish: Joaquinoa [[JAW-keen-wah]] Phoenix Salad – “The Joker” may be a loose cannon, but this quinoa salad is much more mellow.

An Arizona woman is recovering from surgery after getting a sex toy stuck in her bladder. It’s a case that stunned emergency room doctors and an OBGYN, and that woman is warning others about the product she used. But she’s also doing it anonymously.

Apparently, pleasure turned to pain pretty quickly. It seems she was wearing a Vesper Vibrator Necklace around her neck while out to dinner with her boyfriend. The couple was getting their swirl on when suddenly things went very wrong. The woman says she was only using it on the outside of her body as intended.

Dessert: Peanut Brittle Women – A crunchy, buttery treat named for “Little Women” is the ideal sweet to round out your Oscars party menu.

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Tasty Salty Nuts

Toilet lovers should be flushing with pride this morning because today is Thomas Crapper Day! The unfortunately named Londoner founded Thomas Crapper and Co. in 1861 and popularized the modern, flushable toilet.

Now, this is not something you hear very often in the news but a South Carolina deputy was forced to pull out his taser and use it on his own K-9 partner.

According to the National Chicken Council, Americans will eat a record 1.4 BILLION chicken wings over Super Bowl weekend. But a new survey found they’re NOT the most popular Super Bowl food. That honor goes to CHIPS AND DIP!

“The 62nd Annual Grammy Awards” were last night, and Billie Eilish won big!

Just a few weeks into 2020, a lot has happened. The impeachment trial began, a deadly virus broke out in China and spread to the US, and TikTok users have started dipping their testicles in soy sauce “for science.”

Drummer JOEY KRAMER was with the rest of AEROSMITH when they accepted the MusiCares Person of the Year Award Friday night . . . and he even got to speak. He and STEVEN TYLER were the only ones who took the microphone.

Hospital staff in Wuhan, China are wearing adult diapers because they don’t have time to use the bathroom in between treating coronavirus patients that continue to flood their hospital.

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Is That You Bigfoot?

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January 23rd is Measure Your Feet Day! Measure Your Feet Day is a holiday with a difference and one where you have the opportunity to give your feet a little more attention! People rarely think about their feet, but they are a vital part of our everyday lives and require as much care as any other part of our bodies. Seriously – when your feet hurt, doesn’t it ruin your whole day?

It’s also National Pie Day! This day may be an unofficial national holiday, but who can blame them – it was created simply to celebrate the pie. This is a day for all to bake or cook their favorite pies. Even more importantly, it is a day set aside for all to enjoy eating pies! How the first pies appeared around 9500 BC in the Egyptian Neolithic period or New Stone Age.

Is there anyone in your circle of friends you secretly HATE? 63% of people in a new survey said they can’t go to ANY parties or get-togethers without running into at least one person they’d rather avoid.

Here are the top 10 things that cause us anxiety at social events . . .

  1. Somebody you don’t like shows up.
  2. You mistook your Valium for aspirin
  3. You feel like you don’t fit in.
  4. The only person you know is the host.
  5. It turned into an Amway meeting
  6. It’s a potluck, and no one is eating the food you brought.
  7. No one is drinking the beverage you brought.
  8. It’s your intervention
  9. No one told you it’s a costume party
  10. All the food and drink options suck.

If you can just suffer through the beginning of a party, you might be okay though. The average person said they start to relax 14 minutes in. But we know within 10 minutes if we’re going to leave early or not.

A disgusting and dangerous new challenge is reportedly sweeping some corners of TikTok and it involves users eating cereal out of other people’s mouths as part of a so-called #CerealChallenge.

In recent days, several social media personalities have taken to the video-sharing platform to post quick clips of themselves taking a shot at the off-putting craze.

The challenge generally goes like this: One person pours cereal and milk into the mouth of another person, who is usually lying flat on their back. The first person then takes a spoon and eats the cereal out of the second person’s mouth as if it were a bowl.

All jokes aside, the Twitter community has largely criticized the #CerealChallenge over concerns that someone could get hurt or even choke to death.

Two years ago, the “Tide Pod Challenge” caused similar concern, after it was reported in 2018 that teenagers were chomping down on the laundry detergent pods despite warnings from the American Association of Poison Control Centers, Procter & Gamble, Amazon, YouTube and more.

Do guys REALLY do this? Apparently, there are guys who use BANANA PEELS when they’re getting-it-on with themselves.

Doctors are urging fellas not to pleasure themselves using banana peelings – after a worrying trend emerged online.

Randy blokes have been inserting their penises into recently peeled skins while masturbating – even heating the skin in the microwave to boost the sensation.

They claim the slime form the peel contains a great lubricant and produces a similar feeling to receiving oral sex.

However, medics are now warning the bizarre trend could cause painful rashes and sores.
And using banana skins to pleasure yourself may even trigger an infection as contact with protein inside the fruit’s skin can cause flare ups in some people.

Dr. Diana Gill, from online doctor and prescription service Doctor-4-U, said: “You could develop a rash and sores on the penis which can be painful and might lead to infection.”

In more no more bannana in the tail pipe news

I’m not sure what kind of night this guy was planning to have, but wow.

A 23-year-old guy named Jaquan Thompson went into an adult store in Houston on Monday night and stole the following things . . .

  1. 21 pieces of lingerie. (All teddys, for what it’s worth.)
  2. Lube.
  3. Beads designed to go in one’s no-go area.
  4. A penis pump called the “fireman pump.”

It was about $1,100 worth of merchandise in total.

The cops were able to quickly track him down, and he was arrested for theft.

New York Giants quarterback ELI MANNING will announce his retirement tomorrow, after 16 years with the team. He’s 39 years old. Team President John Mara said, quote, “Eli is our only two-time Super Bowl MVP and one of the very best players in our franchise’s history. He represented our franchise as a consummate professional with dignity and accountability.

“It meant something to Eli to be the Giants quarterback, and it meant even more to us. We are beyond grateful for his contributions to our organization.” Of course, those contributions were pretty minimal this season. He was benched early on for new draft pick DANIEL JONES . . . and was looking at either being a backup again or going to another team next season.

Manning holds almost every passing record in Giants history, and led the team to two Super Bowl victories over the New England Patriots . . . after the 2007 and 2011 seasons. He was named MVP of both games.

The only other players to be Super Bowl MVP twice are Joe Montana, Bart Starr, Tom Brady, and Terry Bradshaw.

He leaves the game after making more than $250 million from his football contracts, the most in NFL history. He finishes with a regular season record of 117 and 117.

Kinda iffy, but those two championships are probably gonna get him into the Hall of Fame. Especially the ’07 season, when the Giants spoiled New England’s attempt to go 19 and 0.

Plus, he never missed a game due to injury, and started 210 consecutive games before being temporarily benched last season. That puts him third on the all-time list for quarterbacks, behind Brett Favre and Philip Rivers.

Manning was famously drafted by San Diego in 2004, but traded to the Giants after he made it clear he didn’t want to play for the Chargers. They ended up getting Rivers instead. Ben Roethlisberger was also drafted that year.

The Super Bowl is less than two weeks away, and while a lot of people are excited for the game, it seems even more are excited about the food they’ll eat while watching it.

A new Tom Rose poll finds that 56% of people say the main reason they get together to watch the Super Bowl is the food. In fact 40% of people are so interested in the food and social aspects of the party that they missed most of the game.

74% of people eat more at a Super Bowl party than any other sporting event or viewing party.
Baby Boomers will likely eat about 1,710 calories during their Super Bowl party, while Gen Zers will only eat about 388.

When it comes to what food they enjoy most during a Super Bowl party, it’s not really shocking to hear that the top choice is chicken wings (50%). Other top Super Bowl party foods include:
Pizza (45%)
Chicken bites (38%)
Mozzarella sticks (33%)
Chips (32%)
Veggies & dip (28%)
Loaded potato skins (28%)
Cookies (26%)
Fruit (26%)
Hot dogs (26%)

If you NEED your pet llama to get through the anxiety of traveling, I’ve got some bad news.

The U.S. Department of Transportation just proposed new rules that would bring an end to this era of emotional support animals on planes.If their rules take effect, the only service animals that would be allowed on flights are dogs. That means no pigs, no miniature horses, no turkeys, no peacocks . . . just dogs.

The DOT worded their proposal carefully to make sure they were being sensitive to people with legitimate needs for support animals . . . but they’re cracking down to limit people who, quote, “falsely claim their pets are service animals.”

The number of complaints about wild service animals on flights has jumped from around 700 in 2013 to more than 3,000 five years later. The president of the Association of Flight Attendants says they’re happy with the proposal. Quote, “The days of Noah’s Ark in the air are hopefully coming to an end.”

If you want to comment on the possible policy change, it’s open for public comments for 60 days.

Meanwhile in Old McDonald News – A Rogue Cockfighting Rooster Kills A Man

There are just some roosters you don’t want to mess with. Especially ones that have razor blades attached to their feet. A man has died after a rooster slashed him with a razor during an illegal cockfight in India.

It appears that the birds have razor blades tied to their limbs and are then placed in the ring where they fight until one is left standing. When an event organizer was placing the rooster into the ring, it struggled free and kicked out, fatally wounding 55-year-old Venkateswara Rao in the stomach.

Venkateswara was the only death reported during the events, however, a dozen other injuries were reported. The Indian Supreme Court banned cockfights as part of the 1960 Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act but they remain very popular in parts of the country.

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Night Of The Frozen Iguanas

January 22nd is National Polka Dot Day! This is the day to celebrate Disney’s most esteemed fashionista — Minnie Mouse. Minnie is not only Mickey Mouse’s beloved counterpart but is a sassy and sweet pop culture icon who popularized the polka dot pattern.

In honor of National Polka Dot Day, Disney is asking people to “Rock The Dots” to celebrate Minnie’s iconic style. This year, Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World are hosting special events so attendees can join in on the #RockTheDot festivities. For those who want to celebrate from home, check out these fun Rock the Dots craft ideas from Disney Family


January 22nd is National Blonde Brownie Day! (Blondie: a rich, sweet dessert bar) Blonde brownies are similar to the traditional brownies know to all, minus the cocoa. In place of the cocoa, they are based on brown sugar, therefore still satisfying your sweet tooth! There’s some debate about if this day is actually May 9th, but these treats are so yummy – we’ll roll the dice!

Most people like to add white chocolate or chocolate chips to their blonde brownies or other things like nuts, toffee or butterscotch. Blonde brownies are usually prepared unfrosted as the brown sugar flavor tends to be sweet enough. These blondies are sometimes served in sundaes, often topped with caramel sauce.

There is no found documentation of the beginning of national blonde brownie day. It is known, however, that this light-colored treat was actually invented in Upper Sandusky, Ohio. Recipes for blonde brownies can be found in recipe books dating back into the 1940s and maybe even earlier.

Police say an ad in the Waze navigation app has been sending drivers looking for an Atlantic City casino to the Pine Barrens woods in rural New Jersey.

The Jackson Township police posted on Facebook that disoriented drivers have been getting stuck on unpaved roads after they followed directions looking for the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa.

“The wildlife area is comprised of more than 12,000 acres, mainly located in Jackson and Plumsted townships, which is about 45 miles (72 kilometers) away from the actual Borgata Casino in Atlantic City,” police said. Officers believe the problem is with an orange ad logo in the Waze app, which displays the casino’s address correctly, but pins the location in the forested area.

Waze says they are working to correct the issue.


According to a new analysis, sperm from dead men should be allowed in sperm donation situations. The BBC reports that sperm can be collected even after a man dies through surgery or electrical stimulation of the prostate gland, at which point the sperm can be frozen. Research shows that sperm collected in this way can result in healthy children, even when collected 48 hours after death.

“If it is morally acceptable that individuals can donate their tissues to relieve the suffering of others in ‘life-enhancing transplants’ for diseases, we see no reason this cannot be extended to other forms of suffering like infertility,” said researchers.

However, critics persist. “I’d much rather that we invested our energy in trying to recruit younger, healthy, willing donors who stand a good chance of being alive when the donor-conceived person starts to become curious about them and would have the opportunity to make contact with them without the aid of a spiritualist,” says one professor.

An elderly couple that had spent nearly 65 years together ended up passing away together on the same day while living in a nursing home in Saint Louis.

Jack and Harriet Morrison met in 1955 when Jack was driving a charter bus and Harriett was a passenger on it with her father and his drum and bugle corps. The couple married less than a year after meeting and rarely separated from one another for the nearly 65 years they spent together.

On January 11, they pushed their beds together so they could hold hands in the nursing home as Jack passed away first and soon after, Harriet followed him. Their health continued to decline until both of them stopped eating and drinking soon before they died.


Police Lieutenant Reprimanded After Drunken Sex Romp In Bathroom Of Precinct:

A drunken on the job sex romp landed a New York City Police Lieutenant in hot water. A half-dressed Lt. Brandi Sanchez was caught in a drunken, on-the-job sex romp with Sgt. Lambros Gavalasa at their police precinct in Manhattan. However, Sanchez lives with and has a child with a commanding officer of the precinct. He was not the man she was caught in the bathroom with. Both were stripped of their weapons and badges. Both were placed on modified duty, pending an internal investigation.

Before you go ahead and spend hours filtering your latest selfie, think again. Researchers from Rowan University in New Jersey took a look at 1,873 posts to determine that using a filter will not increase the number of likes a selfie gets. In fact, it led to fewer likes. However, showing off your job or hobby could give you the boost you’re looking for.

Dr. Seoyeon Hong, the author of the paper, explained: “Studies in self-presentations suggest excessive intent toward others to only think positively of an individual’s self-image may trigger reluctance to engage.” Basically, people don’t want to see your fake, filtered happiness — they want to see what really makes you happy and what real life looks for you.

This is the first study done that has taken a look at the number of likes on a selfie to see how others engage with that content and how they perceive the image. Researchers searched “selfie” on Instagram and looked at almost 2,000 of the images that popped up. Ninety-percent of the selfies analyzed were female.

Think twice before you filter your next selfie!

Are end times finally coming to Florida? It sure seems that way after the National Weather Service forecasted this week that frozen iguanas might be seen falling out of the sky in the Sunshine State thanks to freezing temperatures. “This isn’t something we usually forecast, but don’t be surprised if you see iguanas falling from the trees tonight as lows drop into the 30s and 40s. Brrrr!” NWS’ Miami office tweeted Tuesday.

Temperatures below 45 degrees Fahrenheit make the cold-blooded reptiles go dormant; while they may appear to be dead, they’re still breathing and their vital organs still function. Still, Zoo Miami’s communications director Ron Magill notes, “I do know that there are several iguana hunters that are looking forward to this upcoming cold front as it will certainly facilitate them removing these invasive reptiles from the South Florida environment as they will not be able to run away!”


As everyone who’s ever watched a movie knows, if you want to hide underwater, you need to put a little reed in your mouth and use it as a snorkel. I mean, that’s just Hiding in Water 101.

There’s a 36-year-old guy named Daniel Booth from Macclenny, Florida. And he was at his job at a solar power plant last week when the cops showed up to arrest him on a warrant for selling meth. But Daniel decided to make a run for it, and he jumped into a POND to try to hide from the cops under the water. But he was busted when . . . he had to come up for air.

Now he’ll also be facing charges for trying to escape.

Yankees legend DEREK JETER did NOT become the second person after MARIANO RIVERA to be a unanimous pick for the Baseball Hall of Fame . . . because ONE person didn’t vote for him.

Jeter was on 396 of the 397 ballots cast by the Baseball Writers’ Association of America. It’s unclear who didn’t vote for him. (Or who that person’s favorite Boston Red Sox player is.) (???)

Still, Jeter got 99.7% of the vote, which is the second biggest percentage after Rivera. KEN GRIFFEY JR. is now third. He got 99.3%.

The only other player to get enough votes was LARRY WALKER, who FINALLY made it in his last year of eligibility. He played outfield for the Expos, Rockies, and Cardinals.

Those who DIDN’T make the cut include: Curt Shilling, Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, and Omar Vizquel.

Jeter and Walker will be inducted on July 26th at the Hall in Cooperstown, New York. They’ll join catcher Ted Simmons and former players’ association head Marvin Miller, who was voted in last month by the Hall’s Modern Era Committee.

Clark County, Nevada, unveiled plans for this year’s 2020 NFL Draft that is being held in Las Vegas, and let’s just say it’s one of the stranger plans for the event we’ve seen. Reports are that the red carpet stage will be positioned on the water next to the Fountains of Bellagio and that players will be ferried to and from the stage on boats!

It’s unclear at this point how much that will slow the proceedings down, but hopefully, all the players know how to swim. The NFL will also feature the NFL Draft Main Stage next to Caesars Forum and the Linq High Roller. The NFL Draft will run April 23-25.

A lot of NFL fans seem optimistic about this year’s Super Bowl, with the offense of the Kansas City Chiefs going up against the defense of the San Francisco 49ers. Of course, it doesn’t always work out like how it looks on paper. Six years ago, Seattle’s Legion of Boom defense destroyed Peyton Manning’s Broncos offense, which had scored a league-record 606 points that season. The final was 43-8. So, how will this one rate? “USA Today” has a ranking of all 53 Super Bowls, with the WORST being that 43-8 Seattle / Denver dud in 2014.

Here are the Top 5:

  1. Super Bowl 43, 2008 season. Pittsburgh Steelers 27, Arizona Cardinals 23: It had a little bit of everything . . . a 100-yard interception return to end the first half, a furious fourth-quarterback comeback, and a laser shot TD pass for the win.
  2. Super Bowl 23, 1988 season. San Francisco 49ers 20, Cincinnati Bengals 16: Arguably the first Super Bowl classic. Joe Montana led an 11-play, 92-yard drive that finished with a game-winning TD pass to John Taylor with 34 seconds to go.
  3. Super Bowl 49, 2014 season. Patriots 28, Seattle Seahawks 24: It’ll be remembered for Russell Wilson’s goal-line interception with the game hanging in the balance when the Seahawks should’ve given the ball to BEAST MODE!
  4. Super Bowl 42, 2007 season. New York Giants 17, Patriots 14: Arguably the biggest upset in Super Bowl history, the Giants derailed New England’s march to the still-elusive, perfect, 19-0 record.
  5. Super Bowl 51, 2016 season. New England Patriots 34, Atlanta Falcons 28, overtime: Brady threw for a then-Super Bowl record 466 yards, leading his team to 31 unanswered points after Atlanta led 28-3 in the third quarter.

Congressman Hakeem Jeffries was all “Hate to blast you but I have to!” when he quoted Notorious B.I.G. at President Trump’s Senate impeachment trial yesterday. The New York Democrat’s Biggie reference came after Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow asked, “Why are we here?” Jeffries–one of the House managers prosecuting the case–replied, “We are here, sir, because President Trump abused his power and then he tried to cover it up. And we are here, sir, to follow the facts, follow the law, be guided by the Constitution, and present the truth to the American people,” before concluding with the Biggie’s “Juicy” lyrics: “That is why we are here, Mr. Sekulow. And if you don’t know, now you know.” Perhaps not coincidentally, Notorious B.I.G. was named a 2020 inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame earlier this week

n the “Good Morning America” interview that aired yesterday, OZZY OSBOURNE revealed that he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, after being treated for a bad fall in his home last February.

His wife SHARON said, quote, “It’s not a death sentence by any stretch of the imagination, but it does affect certain nerves in your body. And it’s like you have a good day, a good day and then a really bad day.”

One of the hardest things for Ozzy has been not working. He said, quote, “Coming from a working-class background, I hate to let people down. I hate to not do my job . . . [it] gets me down because I can’t contribute to my family.”

But he added, quote, “I ain’t done yet. I ain’t gonna go anywhere yet.”


Aerosmith’s lifelong drummer Joey Kramer filed suit against his bandmates Tuesday, saying that they are preventing him from playing at this week’s Grammy Awards. The band is set to receive the 2020 MusiCares Person of the Year, but Kramer apparently was not allowed to perform at the show. In the suit, Kramer alleges that after he was forced to take a brief leave last year due to “minor injuries,” the band informed him that he had to audition to a click track to prove he was still “able to play at an appropriate level.” The drummer also says that stress from the audition caused him to miss the band’s Las Vegas residency and that he was required to pay his replacement $20,000 per week. Kramer finally auditioned earlier this month, and the band said he lacked “energy.” Kramer is suing to force the band to take him back. Aerosmith released a statement saying “Joey Kramer is our brother; his wellbeing is of paramount importance to us. However, he has not been emotionally and physically able to perform with the band, by his own admission, for the last 6 months,” adding that “he is, unfortunately, unable to perform but of course we have invited him to be with us for both the Grammys and our MusiCares honor.” Aerosmith is scheduled to perform with Run-DMC at Sunday’s Grammys.

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Meanwhile in Bangkok

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon and flowers are lovely and all, but if you’re looking to show your special someone how much you love them, food may be the way to go. We recently told you about a doughnut bouquet you can order from Harry and David, but some creative types are going DIY and making chicken nugget bouquets for their boo.

Wanna try it? The first step is knowing where to get your nugs. Some prefer McDonald’s, while others are loyal to Wendy’s or Chick-fil-A. After you have your nuggets of choice, you’ll need some wooden sticks to spear them on, and then you’ll wrap the whole bunch up in cellophane, because no one wants greasy hands on Valentine’s Day.

Finish the bouquet off with a bow, or toss in some fries as the baby’s breath, you can’t go wrong. Nothing says love like a chicken nugget bouquet.

If binge-watching Netflix could just be reclassified as a “sport,” we’d get these numbers turned around in a hurry . . .

The CDC released a new study that looked at the LAZIEST states in America.

They interviewed thousands of people on the phone over four years, and asked how much of their spare time included any “physical activity” in the past month. And a very popular answer was . . . ZERO.

They asked about “leisure-time physical activity,” which might include hitting the gym . . . taking a walk . . . or even just tossing a football around with your kids. But around 25% of the population said they’d had NO physical activity in the last 30 days.

According to the stats, the laziest state is Mississippi with 33% of people saying they’d had NO physical activity in the last 30 days. The 10 laziest states were all around 30%.

They are: Mississippi . . . Arkansas . . . Kentucky . . . Alabama . . . Louisiana . . . Oklahoma . . . Tennessee . . . West Virginia . . . New Jersey . . . and Georgia.

The LEAST lazy state is Colorado at 17%. Followed by Washington . . . Utah . . . Oregon . . . and Alaska.

It isn’t always easy being the boss, especially in those instances where you have to confront employees about their questionable behavior. And while it’s normal to warn employees about being late, or maybe being careless with their work, some bosses have had to broach some subjects that are far stranger.

Well, now some employers have taken to the anonymous Whisper app to reveal the awkward things they’ve had to remind employees, and some are pretty shocking.

They include:

“I do remodeling. I had to explain to workers not to do drug deals in other people’s homes and to go to the truck if they are gonna fight with their spouse on the phone.”

“That they have to wash their a** and use deodorant. Yes it smelled like they maybe didn’t wipe. WAS BAD.”

“I had to tell my employee that coming to work with no bra on, wearing a low cut shirt and pants split at the crotch was not okay. I sent her home. She didn’t understand why she had to either.”

“I had to tell an employee not to make out with her boyfriend in the break area.”

“I had to tell my employee to stop walking around barefoot in the office. (dress code was business casual.)”

“I had to sit down with one of my servers and reminder her that she can’t show up late…and drunk.”

“Please don’t leave bananas to rot in your drawer. The entire office has bugs now.”

“Had to tell a coworker he couldn’t brush his teeth at the front desk…seemed like something I shouldn’t have to say, but the world is full of gems.”

“Called an employee into a meeting to remind her what was and wasn’t appropriate to discuss at work. She was loudly talking about orgies and participating in them. The entire staff and customers could hear her.”

Online sportsbooks are always offering random Super Bowl “prop bets” on all the nonsense that surrounds the game. One site has already got their lines up, and here are 10 highlights . . .

  1. What color will the liquid be that is poured on the game-winning coach?

“Lime, green, or yellow” is the odds-on favorite at 11-to-4, which is roughly 27%. “Clear / Water” and “Red / Pink” are tied at 3-to-1 (25%), Blue or Orange is 4-to-1 (20%), and Purple is 14-to-1 (7%).

  1. Will announcers Joe Buck or Troy Aikman say “Patriots”?

“No” is the odds-on favorite at 5-to-14, or 74%. That’s a bet I’d take, since this is the first time in three years the Patriots haven’t been in the Super Bowl, and generally speaking, it seems like everyone is ALWAYS talking about the Patriots.

  1. Who will win the Puppy Bowl?

“Team Fluff” has the slight edge on “Team Ruff” with 5-to-7 odds (58%).

  1. Will 98-year-old Betty White be in a Snickers commercial?

“Yes” is more likely at 2-to-5 (71%). They’ll be celebrating the 10th anniversary of their “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” campaign, which first aired during Super Bowl 44 in 2010. Betty was in that one.

“Yes” has a SLIGHT edge at 10-to-13 (57%).

  1. The controversial National Anthem protests seem to be fading out, so now we can move on to the more important debates, like this prop bet: What color will Demi Lovato’s microphone be during the National Anthem?

“Black” is the favorite at 2-to-3, or 60%. Silver or Gray is at 3-to-2, or 40% . . . and “Any other” color is 3-to-1, or 25%.

You can also bet on the color of Demi’s HAIR. “Black” is once again the odds-on favorite at 2-to-5, or 71%. Blonde is a longshot at 3-to-1, or 25% . . . and “Any other” color is slightly above that at 11-to-4, or 27%.

  1. Will any player use a prop during a TD celebration?

“No” is more likely at 1-to-10 (91%). “Yes” is 5-to-1 (17%). It’s unclear if they count the BALL as a prop. They probably don’t, since that would make it far more likely.

  1. Who will show cleavage during the halftime show?

“Both” J-Lo AND Shakira has the best odds at 1-1 (50%). J-Lo ONLY is at 7-to-4, or 36%. Shakira only is at 19-to-10, or 34%. And NEITHER is fairly unlikely, at 4-to-1, or 20%.

  1. Will J-Lo show “butt cleavage”?

The oddsmakers aren’t sold on J-Lo’s plumber’s crack. “No” is the better bet at 1-to-10, or 91%. “Yes” is at 5-to-1, or 17%.

  1. Will there be a wardrobe malfunction?

There’s very little chance of this happening again. They have “No” as a big favorite at 1-to-25, or 96%.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again. We’re not talking about the holidays, it’s Girl Scout Cookie season! These treats are typically sold between January and April, so it’s time to get those orders in so you’ll have boxes of your favorites to feast on. And with all the flavors to choose from, the folks at PopSugar ranked them for us so you’ll know what to order.

Starting with the worst, these are the top 10 Girl Scout Cookie flavors:

10) Toffee-tastic – These are gluten-free and a little crumbly, so they land at the bottom of this list.

9) S’mores – There are two types of S’mores Girl Scout cookies and they’re both a little meh compared to some of the other varieties.

8) Trefoils/Shortbread – Shortbread is great and all, but there are better options here.

7) Caramel Chocolate Chip – These are also gluten-free, so thanks Girl Scouts for being allergy inclusive.

6) Peanut Butter Sandwich/Do-si-dos – The crunchy oatmeal cookies with peanut butter filling inside can get a little dry due to the double cookies, but they’re still tasty.

5) Lemonades – The tangy lemon icing on a shortbread cookie isn’t everyone’s favorite, so they land at number five on the list.

4) Thanks-A-Lot – What’s not to love about these shortbread cookies with fudge on the bottom and “Thank You” embossed in English, French, Chinese, Swahili, or Spanish?

3) Peanut Butter Patties/Tagalongs – The chocolate on these may be a bit waxy, but that peanut butter filling makes up for it.

2) Thin Mints – Dipped in hot chocolate or straight from the freezer, these cookies are amazing.

1) Caramel deLites/Samoas – No matter what you call these coconut, caramel, chocolate cookies, they are the best of the best.

The cops in Bangkok, Thailand are looking for a couple who filmed themselves having sex outside of a tennis court at a college and posted the video on a porn site.

The couple could be looking at around a $150 fine for performing lewd acts in public.

But that’s not why we’re talking about it. No . . . we’re talking about it because of the crime fighting strategy the cops decided to employ.

Even though there’s a clear video of the couple having sex, and censored screenshots are being widely distributed . . . two cops apparently felt like they needed to RE-ENACT what happened to help catch the couple.

So now, there’s a photo going around of two male police officers, fully clothed, awkwardly recreating the couple’s sex position against a tree.

There’s no word if that photo . . . or, you know, the actual video footage . . . has helped the cops get closer to tracking down the couple.

What makes a food American? American food is really a mix of what immigrants brought to this country. But it turns out, there are a lot of foods we think are from other countries that were actually invented in the good old U.S.A. and these are some of the most famous ones.

Fortune cookies – We know them from our favorite Chinese takeout place, but the fortune cookie was actually invented in San Francisco by a Japanese American baker.

Orange chicken – The crunchy, sticky, sour, sweet chicken is a popular Chinese American dish, but it was created in Hawaii in 1987 by Panda Express chef Andy Kao, who was classically trained in French cuisine.

Chimichangas – There’s some debate about their origin, but most historians agree the chimichanga was invented in or around Tucson, Arizona after a kitchen mishap flipped a burrito into a vat of hot oil.

German chocolate cake – This dessert has nothing to do with Germany and owes its name to its inventor, Samuel German, who created the kind of sweet baking chocolate used in the cake.

English muffin – The breakfast staple was actually invented in New York City in 1984 by English immigrant Samuel Bath Thomas and was originally called a “toaster crumpet.”

Cuban sandwich – Legend has it that Cuban immigrants working in factories in Tampa, Florida came up with the combination of meats in this sandwich, called a “mixto” and then later on, someone invented the rectangular bread and called it Cuban, and the famous sandwich was born.

Sushi rolls with rice on the outside – Sushi comes from Japan, but the colorful, creative rolls we know and love in sushi restaurants in the U.S. are an American creation.

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The Heaux Mentor

On today’s show, we welcome Lydia Dupra aka The Heaux Mentor, from Heaux Cosmetics, a line of smear-free makeup designed for escorts.

It’s still the middle of January, but Oreo is already ready for spring with their new pastel cookie. Starting next month, pink Easter egg Oreos will be hitting shelves. They look to be Golden Oreos that are colored pink and decorated like Easter eggs and we only have to wait a few more weeks to try them.

To tide us over, Oreo’s Most Stuf cookies will be back in stores on January 20th. Like the name tells us, these are the Oreos with the most filling, followed by Mega Stuf, Double Stuf, Original Stuf, and down to thins.

Which one is your favorite? The cookie company wants to know your opinion and if you share it on their website, you’ll be entered to win $100,000, just for doing your civic Oreo duty by voting.

In more delicious circular food news

Italy is known for their delicious food – including pizza – so when word got out that Domino’s plans to open at least 850 more locations there, a lot of Italians were less than thrilled. The American pizza chain has already set up shop in Italy, but now that they want to expand with hundreds of more stores, locals have shared their feelings on social media.

“It’s like selling ice to eskimos,” one person tweeted. “Should be some law against this.”
“Italy is the home of pizza and it’s the best, we don’t need a pizza chain,” tweeted another. “It’s crap, my dog hates it.”
According to Alesandro Lazzaroni, CEO of Domino’s in Italy, the pizza Domino’s serves there is different than the pies they make in the U.S., theirs have Italian tomato sauce, mozzarella, gorgonzola and Parma ham. A lot of Americans would probably like to have those toppings on their pizza here, too.

We are currently in the height of cuffing season, which means a lot of couples will be staying in an binging on Netflix instead of going out, and now Ben & Jerry’s is providing a yummy snack for just that.

The ice cream giant has teamed with Netflix for the perfect ice cream to eat while cuddling with your boo. The flavor – “Netflix & Chilll’d” – features a peanut butter ice cream base mixed with sweet & salty pretzel swirls and fudge brownies. And even vegan couples can enjoy the tasty treat, since it comes in both dairy and non-dairy versions.

As for when you can get it, well the answer is now. The pints should already be showing up on store shelves nationwide.

It’s the time of year when we’re willing to try any kind of crazy fad diet we come across . . . so here’s one that’s trending in Google searches.

It’s called the Military Diet, although it’s not affiliated with any branch of the armed forces and it’s not backed by any science. But it promises people they’ll lose up to 10 pounds a week, so people are into it.

Here’s how it works . . .

  1. You follow a strict, low calorie meal plan for three days. It includes small portions of foods like toast, eggs, vegetables . . . and a nightly scoop of vanilla ice cream. Also, one of the days includes two HOT DOGS.
  2. Then you take four days off where you eat your normal way.
  3. Repeat.

So does it work? A doctor says it probably will help some people lose weight, since you’re eating less than 1,500 calories for your three days on the diet . . . but it’s not nutritious, and it’s not sustainable, so you’ll almost certainly put the weight back on.

A hundred years ago today, on January 17th, 1920, the United States went completely dry as a result of the Eighteenth Amendment, which banned the production, importation, transportation, and sale of alcoholic beverages. Prohibition only lasted 13 years. But to mark its anniversary, here are ten of the strangest drinking laws that still ARE on the books in this country . . .

  1. You can drink and drive in Mississippi. It’s the only state that doesn’t have an open-container law for passengers OR drivers. The driver’s blood alcohol content just has to stay below .08.
  2. Massachusetts doesn’t have happy hours. The state forbids businesses from running happy hour specials as a public safety measure.
  3. Ladies Nights are illegal in Wisconsin. It stems from a lawsuit where two men complained that women getting free drink tickets violated the public accommodation law. Ladies Nights are also banned in California and Pennsylvania.
  4. There are a lot of strange liquor laws in Utah, but one of the strangest is that drinks can’t be made in the view of children. And if you’re ordering a drink at a restaurant, you MUST order food too.
  5. In Washington, D.C., Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny may not be used to promote the sale or consumption of alcohol.
  6. Tabs are illegal in Iowa . . . kind of. You can leave a credit card with the bartender, but you CAN’T go to a bar, order a drink, and say “put it on my tab” like Norm from “Cheers”.
  7. It’s against the law in Washington to destroy a beer bottle, keg, or cask.
  8. In Alaska, it’s illegal to be drunk in a bar.
  9. In Idaho, towns may only have one bar per 1,500 citizens. Which means liquor licenses are pretty hard to come by, and there’s a lucrative resale market for them.
  10. You can’t drink your own alcohol on an airplane. Even if you bring those mini-bottles of alcohol through TSA, the FAA prohibits you from actually drinking them.

Some airlines DO let you hand the bottle to a flight attendant so they can serve you, but it’s not a guarantee. And if you’re caught trying to open and pour one yourself, the fine can be more than ten grand.

Tired of her husband’s drinking habit, a Mexican woman decided to make him think he had become allergic to booze by lacing his beers with natural laxatives like castor oil and plum extract.

After consulting various Internet pages and forums, Michel N., a young woman from Sinaloa, devised a plan to make her husband, José Brayan, quit drinking. She managed to get a hold on a mixture of castor oil and plum extract and started putting a few drops of it into his beer bottles, to achieve a mild, gradual laxative effect. José later told police that he found it a bit strange when his wife offered to pop open his beer and bring it to him whenever he needed one, but he simply “let himself be loved and pampered.”

As the natural laxatives started working their magic on José’s bowels, his wife tried to convince him that the diarrhea was a sign of allergy, most likely to alcohol. But the man didn’t let himself be scared into quitting his beer habit, instead popping a stomach pill and continuing to drink as usual. He even jokingly told Michel that the bathroom was a short distance away, so there was no problem.

Questioned about the cause of his diarrhea, the man reportedly told doctors that he would never drink beer again, because apart from the stomach discomfort, he also suffered from serious chaffing that prevented him from sitting down. According to Mexican news outlet Vanguardia, the man’s wife eventually confessed that she had caused the diarrhea by lacing his beer with laxatives.

Michelle was taken into custody by police and will most likely face judicial charges.

Twitter may not be great for our productivity, but it does deliver some entertaining content. You can lose hours there if you’re not careful, but when you need a good laugh, you can almost always find one there. The latest hashtag to grab our attention is “Seduce Someone in Four Words” and these are some of our favorites.

“Do you want Dominos?”
“I’m registered to vote”
“I washed the dishes”
“Garlic cheese fries. Large.”
“Babe, I’m home alone”
“I’m not on Facebook”
“Do you want bagels?”
“Invoice received, payment processed”
“You couldn’t handle it”
“Hey, How you doin?”
“I have good credit”
“I brought some tacos”
“I’ll watch ‘Downton Abbey’”
From the National Library of Scotland, “Look under the covers”
And finally, “Go take a nap”

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Peein on Escalators

January 16th is National Fig Newton Day!

Until the 19th century, many physicians were convinced that most illnesses were associated to digest problems and suggested a daily dose of biscuits and fruits. The solution? Fig rolls.

The cookies are now made in many varieties: original fig, strawberry, apple & cinnamon, sweet peach & apricot, and triple berry.

Fig Newtons, as we know them today, were created by Charles Roser.

They are characterized by their original and unique, square shape.
Fig Newton’s were originally called “Newton.” Then, after Kennedy Biscuit Company and New York Biscuit company merged, Newtons became “Fig Newtons.”

Over one-billion Fig Newtons are eaten every year.

January 16th is also National Nothing Day! Nothing Day is an “un-event” proposed in 1972 by columnist Harold Pullman Coffin and observed annually since 1973, when it was added to Chase’s Calendar of Events. It is not actually a “official holiday,” as that requires an act of Congress. But the purpose remains: to provide Americans with one National day when they can just sit without celebrating, observing or honoring anything. So there you go!

Travelers on the Mexico City subway system often blame authorities for broken-down escalators at subway stops, but Metro officials have another explanation: vast amounts of pee.

Somehow, urine is penetrating and corroding the drive wheels and mechanisms of the escalators that carry riders up from underground stations.

In a list published Tuesday, the Metro system listed “corrosion due to urine” as one of the top five causes of escalator breakdowns.

Fermin Ramirez, the system’s assistant manager for rails and facilities, said riders appear to be urinating on escalators at off-peak hours and lightly used stations, “even though it seems hard to believe.”

“When we open up escalators for maintenance, there is always urine,” Ramirez said. Most stations have no public bathroom facilities, a fact Twitter users were quick to point out, noting there are not even any pay toilets.

Of the system’s 467 escalators, 22 are out of service on any given day.

The city plans to replace about 55 escalators over the next two years.

If this news had come out in a few months, we all would’ve believed it was an April Fools’ Day joke . . . because it FEELS like something a brand would do as a prank.

Pabst Blue Ribbon just announced it’s coming out with a new, quote, “luxury” beer brand called . . . Captain Pabst.

And the first beer in the line is an IPA, of course, called Seabird.

It’s hitting stores in Chicago and Wisconsin right now. There’s no word on when they’re going to take it nationwide, or create more Captain Pabst beers.


I’m not sure people in places like Fargo, North Dakota need a reason to root for MORE snow than usual this winter, but here you go.

Busch Beer just announced a new program where they’ll be giving FREE BEER to people in seven states . . . all based on the amount of snow they get this winter.

They’re tracking the total inches of snow through the end of March in seven cities: Des Moines, Iowa . . . Grand Rapids, Michigan . . . Minneapolis, Minnesota . . . Fargo, North Dakota . . . Omaha, Nebraska . . . Buffalo, New York . . . and Green Bay, Wisconsin.

And they’ll give people in those seven states a $1 refund on Busch beer for every inch of snow. So if Minneapolis gets 20 total inches of snow over these three months, people there can get $20 back. That’ll buy you a good amount of Busch.

They are capping it at $30 total per person, though . . . so I guess root for exactly 30 inches of snow and not ONE inch more?

We all know that first dates can be totally awkward, and often times it’s very hard to start up a conversation. But while awkward questions are expected to start a conversation, some folks have experienced some truly bizarre first date questions and now they’re sharing.

A thread on the anonymous Whisper app has folks revealing the craziest questions they were asked on a first date and it makes you wonder why anyone would put themselves through that.

Crazy first date questions include:

“I went on one date with this cute guy and during the date he asked me to be exclusive. Even told me he loved me the next day.”
“When are you gonna lose all he weight?”
“(chubbier girl here) I was on a first date and he looked at my hips and said ‘you have great hips for birthing. How many kids do you desire?’”
“You’re going to have a burger? You should have a salad.”
”“During a first date the guy asked me to paint my nails red so he can suck my toes.”
“’I’m on my period, but I’d still totally have sex with you after dinner. You gonna run my red light?’ Definitely didn’t ‘run her red light’.”
“So when would you be comfortable having my baby?”
“Could you give me some money? I need to move.”
“I know we just met and I have a three-year-old, no job prospects but would you consider marrying me anyway?”

A 35-year old Spanish man was recently arrested after ramming his SUV through the wooden doors of a church so he could gain access inside, claiming it was the only place where he could take shelter from his demonic “possession.”

On January 8th, the unnamed man reportedly drove up to the large doors of the San Juan Evangelista church, in the Spanish town of Sonseca, and started ramming his Jeep into it. At first passers-by didn’t really understand what was going on, and one woman, who thought the driver had been involved in an accident, walked up to the car to see if he was alright only to be scared away by having obscenities shouted at her.

While the shocked woman fumbled with her phone trying to call the police, the angry driver started ramming his SUV into the doors of the church until he finally broke through them. He then drove though the rows of wooden benches and stopped right in front of the altar. When emergency services finally arrived on the scene, they found the anxious man next to the altar. He allegedly told them that he was possessed and that was the only place he felt safe.

The perpetrator was convinced that it was safe to leave the church, and was later taken to the hospital to be tested for alcohol and drugs. It’s not currently clear what caused his bizarre behavior, but according to several news reports, the unnamed man owns a shop that specializes in cannabis-related products, just 900 meters from the church.

I feel like when these people once agreed to donate their bodies to medical science, this is NOT what they were picturing.

A team at Colorado Mesa University’s Forensic Investigation Research Station just released the results of a study that answered an age-old question: If you dropped dead, would your cat EAT YOU?

Now . . . they didn’t PLAN to do this study. They always leave a bunch of donated corpses outside to watch how they decompose. But the study happened by accident, when two cats wandered onto their property . . . and started eating.

So, yes, your cat WOULD eat you if you died.

Well . . . probably. Even though there were more than 40 bodies, both cats just picked one and came back to eat it night after night for more than a month. So if your body doesn’t meet your cat’s picky eating needs, maybe they’d leave you alone.

The researchers also found both cats ate the ARMS first. In case you’re wondering which of your body parts is most delicious.

Here’s a nice story about a healthy marriage built on trust. There’s a guy in his 40s who lives in southern Ukraine, and he woke up recently to find one hell of a surprise . . . his wife had locked a CHASTITY BELT on his junk while he was asleep. Apparently she thought it was the only way to stop him from having affairs. He couldn’t get it off, so he went to the hospital . . . but the doctors couldn’t remove it either. They wound up bringing in an emergency crew who used a CIRCULAR SAW to slice it off. Fortunately for the guy, it was successful and it looks like he’s going to get back full use of his junk. He says he’s considering a divorce.

Since January is a big month for people filing for divorce, it’s a good time for this list of The Top Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting a Divorce.

Who gets the Peloton that’s causing the divorce?

Should I try to save my marriage the way every other guy does and bang hookers?

Will she accept the kids in exchange for the 4K TV and sound bar?

Will I miss getting laid every fifteen years?

Is there a chance I could lose the Netflix password?

Is my wife’s sister now fair game? How about her mother?

Is it wrong to agree to first try seeing a marriage counselor . . . but only if she’s smokin’ hot?

Will I get both of my nads back? Or do they also have to be split?

Good morning guys, this is Jenna, and I’m emailing you this morning because my boyfriend and I moved in together about two weeks ago and I’ve discovered that he likes to sleep in the nude every night.

I had no idea he did this until now. Sure, we’ve spent the night together before we moved in but never for more than two nights in a row and I just figured he slept naked on those occasions.

I bought him a few pairs of pajamas this past weekend, but he hasn’t put them on yet. He told me his body needs to breathe at night. I don’t know what to do, any suggestions?

How can I get him to put some clothes on at night?



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Adult Cream Pies

January 14th is National Dress Up Your Pet Day! This is probably one of the best days of the year considering most of us love to see a pet dressed from head to paw. The day was established in 2009 as a fun way to celebrate pets and support their fashion community.

The yearly anniversary encourages pet owners to bond with their sidekick and NOT make them suffer or feel uncomfortable in their wardrobe or costume for human amusement. Whether your pet is short and stubby or tall and husky, throw on their sassy sweater and mini booties and let them rock what their adopted mama gave em.

January 14th also National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day! Pastrami lovers across the country can celebrate their favorite delicatessen meat today by eating a steamy pastrami sandwich. Romanian Jewish immigrants who settled in New York introduced the famous cold cut through preparation in the 19th century.

Today is the perfect day to enjoy a classic pastrami sandwich anyway you prefer for lunch or dinner: hot on rye bread, topped with yellow mustard and pickles, or even accompanied with sauerkraut. Bet you’re hungry- have some pastrami!

It’s not easy being middle aged.

A new study from Tom Rose looked at data from almost eight million Americans over the past three decades to figure out when people are the most MISERABLE.

And the answer is . . . when you’re 47.2 years old.

Basically, our happiness as adults goes in a U-shaped curve. We’re happy when we’re 18, then we start getting more and more miserable over our 20s, 30s, and 40s. It bottoms out when we’re 47.2 . . . and then we start getting happier again.

By the time you hit 70, you’re just as happy as you were when you were 18.

So why is middle age so depressing? Basically, Tom Rose says it’s because you realize your big dreams really AREN’T going to come true. Sorry.

But as you get older, you start to put your life in a better perspective and you become grateful for what you have, which is why you start getting happier again

It’s probably safe to say that the idea of bed bugs gives most people the creeps. Sadly, it seems folks in some cities have a little bit more to worry about when it comes to the gross creatures.

The Orkin pest control company just revealed their annual bed bug city rankings and if you don’t want to deal with them, you may want to stay away from Washington, D.C.

Data shows Orkin performed the most bed bug treatments in Washington, D.C .from December 1, 2018 – November 30, 2019.

This is the first time in three years Baltimore didn’t top the list, with Charm City dropping to second.

Flint, Michigan saw the biggest rise in bed bugs, jumping from 16 spots to 31.

Pittsburgh and Champaign broke into the Top 20 for the first time.

Top Ten Worst Bed Bugs Cities

Washington, D.C.
Los Angeles
Columbus, OH
New York

As much as you’d like to THINK what you’re packing in the pants compares to a strong, powerful animal . . . nope. Nope, nope, nope.

There’s a guy in Reynosa, Mexico who went to the hospital recently because he had taken a sexual enhancement pill and it left him engorged for THREE DAYS.

But it wasn’t Viagra. No . . . he took a sexual stimulant that’s used for BREEDING BULLS.

He told the doctors he took it because he was hoping to have, quote, “a successful sexual encounter with a young woman of 30 years.” There’s no word on how old this guy is.

Luckily, doctors were able to successfully perform surgery and help him out.

We all know that Strip clubs love pitching tents.

A local strip club give out nearly 150 tents to the homeless in San Diego. The tents are branded with “Deja Vu Showgirls.”

Déjà vu describes itself as the “#1 erotic entertainment chain in the world” and a company spokesperson says the 150 tents given out in San Diego this December is part of the company’s outreach program. They say they’ve done this type of outreach every year for the past five years in five cities with large homeless concentrations, including Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

In addition, they also passed out close to 3,000 bottles of water to the homeless in San Diego.

A picture of one of the tents was posted onto the “Homeless News San Diego” Facebook page and it received both praise and criticism. Some believed it was a form of shameless advertising. Others applauded the company for stepping up to help.


McDonald’s is selling a new menu item in Japan. And the translation in English is NOT safe for work.

They’re called “Adult Cream Pies.”

In Japanese, the name is, “Otona No Cream Pie.” And “otona no” literally means “adult” in English.

It doesn’t sound dirty over there though, because it’s a term normally used to describe sweet foods that aren’t TOO sweet. They have a different word for adult entertainment stuff. So only English speakers think it’s funny.

In the new ad, a young Japanese woman asks an older lady if Adult Cream Pies are, quote, “really delicious.” And she responds by saying, “If you eat it once, you’ll be filled.”

They come in two different flavors: Belgian Chocolate and Sweet Cheese.

Not a great time to unveil a new burger menu that features Kangaroo meat. That’s why a Utah burger bar has come under fire after advertising kangaroo meat as part of its ‘exotic meat’ menu for the month of January amid Australia’s bushfire crisis.

The Burger Bar was slammed by customers after unveiling its kangaroo burger, with hundreds taking to social media to accuse the restaurant of being ‘insensitive’

The business hit back at its critics, saying their menu was created a year in advance and the meat would have gone to waste if they chose not to use it. And use it they did. The bar ended up selling 400 kangaroo burgers in just two days.


The devastation of the bushfires, which continue to run rampant across the nation, has given rise to a number of incredible fundraising projects, but this next initiative is most certainly in a (w)hole league of its own – Brisbane sex toy supplier Geeky Sex Toys has released a special donation dildo, with 100% of the proceeds going towards bushfire recovery.

The ‘Down-Under Donation Dildo’ has been created to inevitably aid those most affected by the fires. “This silicone toy was designed specifically as our way to help out our neighbours in need,” their website reads. “Buying a sex toy has never felt so good.” The apparatus is aptly-priced at $69, but there’s also the option to include an additional donation.

And it seems like everyone’s been getting behind this glorious initiative – Geeky Sex Toys took to Twitter today to announce that it’d already surpassed their initial goal of $10k. “We want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has contributed so far, we’re so happy to be able to support our country in this way!”

A huge part of the experience of eating Cheetos is turning your fingers orange from all the dust. And that dust, apparently, has an official name. Cheetos just revealed it’s called “cheetle.” They’ve even had the word “cheetle” trademarked for 15 years, but they always just used it internally . . . until now.

Quote, “It became clear from our fans the special interest they had, so we knew it was time to share our beloved name.”

Speaking of Arguments

Do men really care about décor this much?

A recent survey found the average couple has 72 arguments or disagreements about their home each year. That’s six a month. And most of them happen in public, or in front of other people. Here are four stats from the survey . . .

  1. The most common argument is what to spend money on, or how much to spend. Other topics include style choices and which gadgets we need.
  2. Of the 72 arguments, eight happen in stores . . . 39 happen in other public places . . . 10 happen in front of family or friends . . . and only 15 happen at home.
  3. 58% of people said they sometimes don’t offer their opinion, because they don’t want to start a fight. It doesn’t say how many of those people are men or women.
  4. What makes a house a “home”? This seems like a fairly high bar. But according to the survey, it takes two holiday seasons . . . two family visits . . . two barbecues . . . one Super Bowl party . . . one game night . . . and returning from two vacations before your place truly feels like your “home.”

Eating anything undercooked is not recommended and while fruits and vegetables are still okay to eat raw, consuming undercooked meat is a big no-no. Since raw meat has tons of bacteria crawling on it, eating undercooked meat is like playing Russian roulette. Then again, there so many people all over the world who enjoy eating raw and/or undercooked meats, including sushi, sashimi, steak tartare, kibbeh nayyeh, crudos, raw oysters and much more. Meet 46-years-old construction worker Zhu Zhong-fa who resides in Hangzhou in the Zhejiang Province of East China. For nearly a month Zhong-fa was experiencing several episodes of seizures and severe headaches.

Then in November 2019 he started foaming at the mouth and decided to visit the hospital where Dr. Huang Jianrong, asked him to get chest and brain MRI scans. After seeing the MRI scan reports doctors were left horrified and utterly speechless – there were over 700 tapeworms inside Zhong-fa’s body, including his brain and lungs.

You see, just a month before his symptoms began Zhong-fa claimed that he had consumed a hot pot that contained vegetables and undercooked pork. And so according to doctors, Zhong-fa had accidentally ingested eggs of a pork tapeworm, scientifically known as Taenia solium or T. solium, from his undercooked pork dinner.

Dr. Huang prescribed two medicines, one that killed the larvae and another that helped protect Zhong-fa’s organs from further damage as well as reduce side-effects brought on by the first medicine.

A Thai man’s penis began to decay after he got it jammed in a metal pipe for five days and only sought medical attention after the pain became unbearable.

The 21-year-old placed his penis in a sock and then put it into a metal cylinder and had sex with it last week.

After climax, the tip had swollen so much the blood couldn’t flow back – and he was stuck inside the make-shift sex toy.

He wandered around his house for five days in extreme pain while trying a variety of lubricants to free himself from the jam.

The unidentified man eventually dragged himself to hospital in Bangkok, Thailand, and explained the situation to doctors.

He told medics that he had used the industrial equipment to masturbate twice before, but this time after ‘experimenting with a sock’ he climaxed and could not remove himself.

He had endured the pain for five days – with his penis rotting inside the contraption – before he summoned up the strength to call for help.

Paramedic Akachai Buapathum said they spent three hours cutting the metal from the man’s penis – but wasted 25 blades slicing through it.

Doctor Sitra Likisakul said the man could have lost his penis as the skin had rotted so badly the tissue inside was visible.

He said: ‘It’s very dangerous to have the penis in this situation for three hours, let alone five days.

If you haven’t downloaded Chick-fil-A’s mobile app yet, they’re offering a tasty incentive to do it this month: free nuggets. The chain is giving away a free eight-count order of classic chicken nuggets to anyone who signs into their Chick-fil-A One account with the app or creates one by January 31st.

Once you sign up, you earn points with every purchase, and earn free food and a birthday reward. And if free nuggets aren’t your thing, you can swap them for a freebie of Chick-fil-A’s new Kale Crunch Side, which is a mix of kale, cabbage, almonds, apple cider and dijon mustard vinaigrette. Either way, it’s free food, so you can’t lose.

This is National Pizza Week and to help you celebrate, here are some of the deals and discounts from your favorite pizza chains.

Domino’s – Score two of these menu items for $5.99 each: medium two-topping pizza, bread twists, salad, marbled cookie brownie, specialty chicken, oven-baked sandwich, stuffed cheesy bread, eight-piece boneless chicken, or pasta in a dish.
Godfather’s Pizza – Get $3 off large pizzas and $4 off jumbo pizzas.
Hungry Howie’s – Pick two of the Mix and Match items for $5.99 each and get stuffed Howie Bread for $6.99.
Little Caesars – Pick up their Hot-N-Ready thin crust pizza for $6.49 from 4pm to 8pm local time.
Papa John’s – Try their new Extra Cheesy Alfredo Pizza with Garlic Parmesan Crust for $10.
Pizza Hut – Score a large Meat Lover’s Pizza for $10 or save 50% off menu priced pies with the code FIFTYOFFNY.

Hi guys. My name is Charlie, and I’m throwing a 30th surprise party for my girlfriend this Saturday and I’m worried about one thing.

What I’m worried about is I told my girl that I’m taking her away for the weekend but, in reality, when we go to drop off our dog at her mom’s house on Friday night all of her friends and family will be there for the surprise. I even have all of her cousins coming in from out of state. I know she’ll be happy, but should I still book something for the weekend?

I’m afraid on Saturday she’s going to still want to go away for the night…what should I do?