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NYE 2019

Now that 2020 is almost here, plenty of folks are probably thinking about where they’re going to vacation in the new year. Well, Tom Rose has a few suggestions for attractions you should really think about visiting in 2020, and for a good reason.

Food is deeply ingrained in our pop culture and this year showed us proof of that. These food stories dominated our feeds in 2019.

What’s on the menu for New Year’s Day? Well, it all depends on where you live. Some traditional New Year’s foods are considered good luck and this is why you might want them on your plate as you celebrate the arrival of 2020.

If your New Year’s resolution is to drop some pounds in 2020, we can help with this list of The Top Tips for Losing Weight.

January 1st is Bloody Mary Day! This day celebrates the drinking of the Bloody Mary cocktail, which is described by some as the perfect hangover cure despite containing the very thing that made you hung over in the first place: alcohol!

Want to participate in Dry January, but need a little help to make it happen? Heineken has your back.

It appears that an Antiques Roadshow expert, Andy McConnell, accidentally drank 180-year-old urine, rusty nails, and a human hair during an appearance on the show.

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