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Top Gun: Maverick & Die Hard

On today’s show, we talk with Mike and Phil Tapia from Christmas Unlimited!

A new trailer for Top Gun: Maverick is out and Jason & Benny watch it live on the radio.

Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie?

What better way to forget about losing a soccer match than by stuffing your face with wings at Hooters? That was the idea for one high school soccer coach but it turns out, he’s in a bit of hot water now because of it.

The Dallas Cowboys botched the coin toss before yesterday’s game against the Rams . . . and they almost got hosed.

The holidays are great, but they can also be a little on the stressful side for anyone, and even more so for those with kids. Cliff Cage put together this hilarious list of tweets from exasperated parents who are pretty much over the holidays

This weekend was SantaCon in New York, which is a pretty infamous event every year where people dress like Santa, go on a bar crawl, get hammered, and cause all sorts of chaos in the city.

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