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Ski Buds & Big D’s

Our new friends from are on the show to talk about all the fresh pow that’s scheduled to hit Colorado this weekend.

Need an ugly holiday sweater for a party or shopping for a huge fan of Popeyes chicken sandwich? Then look no further – Popeyes has you covered with its bright orange ugly Christmas chicken sandwich sweater.

IHOP has announced plans to open a new “to go” restaurant called Flip’d, which will have an all-day breakfast menu with a focus on speed and convenience. What’s that mean? You walk in, order at a counter and can eat there or take away.

A Thai man named Kritsada Ratprachoom made a crazy discovery as he used the toilet this week. It appears that he realized that he was infected with a tapeworm after he found it sticking out of his body. Turns out it was a 32-foot-long tapeworm.

The Polk County Florida Sheriff’s office held a prostitution sting dubbed “Operation Santa’s Naughty List” over the weekend. They ended up arresting 124 people who showed up to a house with the intention of paying for sex.

Of the 124 people arrested, one really stood out to the police. It was Rodney Davis, who is a security guard at Disney World. The reason the officers remember him is because he’s the only one that showed up to the house completely naked. He wasn’t even wearing any socks. He showed up without any clothes and was arrested shortly after.

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