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Fart Launcher 3000

Our Fart Launcher 3000’s have arrived, so it’s time for Jason and Benny to take 3 farts to the face!

Of all the reasons to buy a real Christmas tree and not an artificial one, here’s a new one: An artificial tree is easier to turn into a weapon.

Walmart Canada apologized after they let a third-party company sell a Christmas sweater on their website that showed a snowman dressed as Santa doing lines of cocaine with the tagline, “Let it snow.”

Twenty-year-old Floridian Tory Ojeda has four boyfriends, three of whom she lives with. She says that all four of her lovers, who range in age from 18 to 23, take turns “swapping in and out” of her bed each night and have worked through their jealousy issues.

63% of Americans have fallen for an online scam before, according to a new survey. And that’s just the people who REALIZE they fell for one.

It’s time for “Yes or B.S.” We give you a statement, and you decide YES, it’s true . . . or NO, it’s total B.S. We’ve got some big holidays this month, like Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa. But there are also some lesser-known LAME ones.

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