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The Cat Girl of Colorado Springs | Episode 34

On today’s episode, we learn about a young woman, who identifies as a cat, says that expressing her cat identity has brought her closer to her partner and has finally enabled her to become her true self. Kat, 31, who works as a model and at Cat Girl Manor – a residence in Colorado Springs that holds pet play within BDSM events – has been into kitten role-play her entire adult life.

If you don’t know what a FLESHLIGHT is, it’s a sex toy that looks like a flashlight . . . but with realistic lady parts at the end of it. And we know at least one group of people who’ve never heard of it: The team at BarkBox.

There’s a 33-year-old guy named Nicholas Miller from Greenfield, Indiana. And last week, he was at a strip club in Indianapolis . . . but they kicked him out for causing a disturbance. And his response was . . . trying to blow the place up.

A pack of wild hogs apparently went hog wild in an Italian forest recently, sniffing out and destroying $22,000 of cocaine hidden there by drug dealers.

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