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More Popeye’s Drama? | Episode 32

A Colorado dam safety chief confirmed Monday that a recent investigation by the Associated Press found four dams in El Paso County to be at high risk of failure.

“Epstein didn’t kill himself” is fast becoming the new “Bush did 9/11.”

Twitter went wild with users listing all the things that people say, but don’t really mean, using the viral hashtag #ThingsWeSayButDontMean. Twitter users were also offering up stories about how they suddenly lost a job, using the viral hashtag “#AndThenIWasFired.”

We’ve got the results here of a ridiculous new Tom Rose study othat managed to make a connection between a kid’s role in their school or church’s NATIVITY PLAY to their future average salary.

Are Popeyes restaurants going to “pot” thanks to the pandemonium over their chicken sandwich? This customer says yes–literally.

A Popeyes worker in Fairfax, Virginia, was caught on camera this past Friday making the chain’s chicken sandwiches on top of a trash can. Another Popeyes employee in Tennessee was arrested this past Friday after he was caught on camera body-slamming a customer to the ground.

Getting arrested in Colorado appears to pay really well. The city of Loveland, Colorado has agreed to pay a woman $50,000 and drop all charges against her after she was accused of indecent exposure for playing Frisbee topless in her front yard.

Indlovu Gin is a South African liquor that’s made with a unique ingredient: elephant dung.

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