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Chicken Day | Episode 26

The National Institutes of Health is running a study that will pay people $3,300 to get the flu ON PURPOSE.

There are lots of dudes out there who TERRORIZED people on Halloween by dressing up as CLOWNS and messing with them, and not just clowns, but Jesus too!

Matthew McConaughey turns 50 today. If you’re going to his party, remember, clothes are optional, but bongos are mandatory.

The Samsung Members app may not be your go-to destination for R-rated content, but for several hours last Thursday, it could’ve done the job just fine. A member posted his, erm, member for other members to see.

Domino’s is rolling out what might be the strangest pizza combo ever. Take a look at the company’s new “Bubble Tea Pizza.”

There is a fetish-inspired flavor of fried chicken that claims to mimic the “smell and stickiness” of the underside of a young woman’s foot.

In a bizarre incident in India, an egg challenge cost a man dear as he had to pay with his life.

And finally, everyone’s favorite fast-food chain Chick-fil-A made a major and embarrassing mistake this weekend, which forced them to apologize to their fans.

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